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  • v. 檢查;受試;化驗(第三人稱單數); 試驗;化驗(第三人稱單數); 測驗;考試; 試驗;測試;測試;考試;
  • noun pl. 檢查;受試;化驗; 測驗;考試(複數); 試驗;測試;測試;考試(第三人稱單數);
  • The doctor tests your nerves by hitting your knee
  • Sue doesn’t believe where her husband was last weekend so she tests him about his schedule
  • She tests her students every week by giving them a written examination
  • These tests will show if you are healthy
  • These tests will show what the students need to learn

【TED-Ed】基因檢測真的準確嗎? (What Can DNA Tests Really Tell Us About Our Ancestry? - Prosanta Chakrabarty)

【TED-Ed】基因檢測真的準確嗎? (What Can DNA Tests Really Tell Us About Our Ancestry? - Prosanta Chakrabarty) Image 06:45
  1. tests like these rely on our dna to answer questions about our ancestry, but our dna actually can't tell us everything about who we are or where we're from.

    像這樣的檢測需要依賴我們的 DNA 來解答關於我們祖先的問題,但我們的 DNA 實際上並不能告訴我們是誰或來自哪裡。
  2. dna tests are great at answering some questions, like who your parents are, but can provide baffling results to others, like whether you have ancestors from a particular region.

    DNA 檢測在解答某些問題上很有優勢,比如你的父母是誰,但在其他問題上可能會有令人困惑的結果,比如你的祖先是否來自某個地區。
1165 126 B2 中高級 有中文字幕

"January 16, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'January 16, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:31
  1. in the report, former teammates admitted to doping and ways of beating drug tests.

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"February 1, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'February 1, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:31
  1. it found that it caused behavioral problems where the animals just behaved differently in this laboratory tests.

  2. sylvester: those animal tests were at higher doses,

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"March 5, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'March 5, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 09:59
  1. it means that the virus` presence is so small that standard tests can`t find it,

5526 5 B1 中級 有中文字幕
  1. A process for testing things
    This is a test message
  2. To check if something coresponds the promised result or what effect does it have at all.
    By typing in the word "test" you prolly tried to search if there was a definition for this word.
  3. slang for testosterone..steroid hormones.
    This cycle I'm stacking test with fina for some serious gains.
  4. A means of evaluating another person's character through a series of unannounced, inconspicuous examinations. Developed by Eddie, it serves to define which people are desirable company and which should not be associated with. As a general rule, a test-passer is a good person while a test-failer is a bad person. Passing the test results in the joyous proclamation that "You pass the test!" Failure of a test is announced simply by saying "You failed the test." This phrase is often used to show general disdain for a person's existence.
    "You didn't make eye contact while saying 'thank you.' You failed the test." "You forgot to hold the door open for me... failed the test." "You passed the test - you offered me a piece of sausage from your pizza."
  5. 1. the main cause of explosions. 2. any thing dreaded that your "teachers" say is "good" for you. soon after, you explode for no reason. 3. what scientists do to make stuff explode. 4. when a sheet of paper explodes into flames.
    1. test sodium and water. 2. SAT is a test. 3. Monkeys. 4. you brought your lighter to test.
  6. 1. A process of finding out whether something works or not. 2. An oral or written exam to find out one's ability in one or more subjects.
    1. Lets test out that abandoned car! 2. NOOO!! We have a test in math class today! I'm going to fail1!
  7. Everything that is put in front of you during any given day.
    How was your day? Testing!...but i did well at not passing every test!...Hope i get a better run tomorrow.
  8. 1. One of the greatest pro-wrestlers to ever grace us with his presence. Has a good habbit of getting annoying WWE Diva's OFF of our TV screens, usually by charging at them and booting them in the face. 2. A real mans man! Even more so than William Regal. 3. Soon to be returning to WWE rings and will be murdering mid-carders left and right with big boots.
    J.R.: Bah Gawd, that sunuvabitch TEST just kicked that poor girls teeth down her throat! King: Those poor puppies!
  9. Derogative term. Derived from the way a Greek may call someone an Arhidi (a testicle). Place of origin: N Melbourne (Aust)
    You're such a test! Hey there goes that test again. TEST!
  10. What you take in school to determine if you pass or fail in life.
    I failed my test, therfore I must fail at life.