• US /ˈsɪstəm/
  • UK /'sɪstəm/
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  • n. 組織 ; 體系 ; 主義 ; 學說 ; 制度 ; 順序 ; 身體 ; 宇宙 ; 系 ; 系統分類法 ; 合理的必勝法 ; 系統 ; 體 ; 體制 ; 制 ; 裝置;
  • adj. 系統;
  • He has a good system, so he thought it would work well for the company
  • We have a system for doing our work together
  1. High powered, premium stereo system in a car, truck or van, capable of large amounts of bass and treble.
    With that system I can hear you a block away.
  2. Can mean a lot of things. Notably: Computer system: A somewhat more technical term for describing a rig, usually including a processor, hard disk, monitor, RAM, cards, etc. A weather system: An area that has an airmass of notably high or low air pressure; can be affected by thermodynamic interactions with the atmosphere, bodies of water, etc. System: In general, anything that unifies more than one thing or organizes them. Eg: healthcare system, etc. System (of a Down): System is often used as an abbreviation for the name of this kick-ass band because you want to save time for discussing how awesome they are.
    Some guy: Hey Jim, I just made a new system for getting my homework done so I can check all the high-pressure systems on my expensive new system, while listening to System!
  3. you are system if you are raw at basketball. and a replacement for swag.
    Gavin, you are not system, you are trash.
  4. another word for 'body'
    the more drinks in your system, the harder the fight!
  5. #Abbreviation of [system of a down] #aka [kickass] #Have an album toxicity which is NOT pronounced toxic-city MELLA U TARD
    'I love system!' 'System of a down?' 'No..*Rolling eyes*...System of my ass'