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  • noun pl. 超級大國;
  • The United States of America and the Soviet Union were the superpowers of the last century

【生活英文】到底怎麼樣才能根治痘痘! (Is There A Pimple Cure?)

【生活英文】到底怎麼樣才能根治痘痘! (Is There A Pimple Cure?) Image 03:39
  1. in supporting their annual letter this year called “two superpowers we wish we had”!

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  1. A country of [immense] power unlike any other nation. Currently, [the United States of America] is [the world's] only superpower.
    Russia and the [U.S.A]. were at one time both [superpowers]. But communism killed [the russian] economy. Now, the U.S. is the only superpower.
  2. A country which wields such economic or military power, it can dominate any other. The USA and the [USSR] were two major [superpowers] until the collapse of the USSR. The USA is now the world's only superpower. However, China is quickly rising to become a superpower, especially with the recent launch into the space race, and the EU has the potential to develop into the world's most powerful superpower. Former superpowers include Britain, Spain, The [Roman Empire] and France. Nazi Germany and Japan were arguably superpowers during WWII.
    [The USA] is [now] [the world's] only superpower.
  3. [annihilation] [stemming] from picking a fight with an utterly more powerful [force].
    The [supreme leader] of [North Korea] will die of suicide by superpower if he even aims a [missile] at the United States