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  • noun pl. 超級大國;
  • The United States of America and the Soviet Union were the superpowers of the last century

恐怖的北美蝗蟲災 (The Great North American Locust Plague)

恐怖的北美蝗蟲災 (The Great North American Locust Plague) Image 02:36
  1. locusts are grasshoppers - with unusual superpowers.  when triggered by overcrowding they literally

    蝗蟲是一種蚱蜢 -- 有著不同尋常的超強力量。當它們被過度繁殖的壓力所激發時,
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【生活英文】到底怎麼樣才能根治痘痘! (Is There A Pimple Cure?)

【生活英文】到底怎麼樣才能根治痘痘! (Is There A Pimple Cure?) Image 03:39
  1. in supporting their annual letter this year called “two superpowers we wish we had”!

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  1. A country of [immense] power unlike any other nation. Currently, [the United States of America] is [the world's] only superpower.
    Russia and the [U.S.A]. were at one time both [superpowers]. But communism killed [the russian] economy. Now, the U.S. is the only superpower.
  2. A country which wields such economic or military power, it can dominate any other. The USA and the [USSR] were two major [superpowers] until the collapse of the USSR. The USA is now the world's only superpower. However, China is quickly rising to become a superpower, especially with the recent launch into the space race, and the EU has the potential to develop into the world's most powerful superpower. Former superpowers include Britain, Spain, The [Roman Empire] and France. Nazi Germany and Japan were arguably superpowers during WWII.
    [The USA] is [now] [the world's] only superpower.
  3. [annihilation] [stemming] from picking a fight with an utterly more powerful [force].
    The [supreme leader] of [North Korea] will die of suicide by superpower if he even aims a [missile] at the United States