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The horse should always remain straight straight lines and correctly bent on curved lines.

I just want a straight answer to the question; straight dealing.

He is sitting straight and putting up his hand straight.

They can turn at right angles or move straight up or straight down.

Straight matter: Straight forward text setting to a commonand without any complex typographic styles or tabulations.

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist)

【TED】羅克珊娜.蓋伊: 壞女性主義者的告解 (Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist) Image 11:29
  1. in favor of supporting white, middle- and upper-class straight women.

    反而偏袒白皮膚、 中產或上層階級的異性戀女性。
  2. in other ways, men -- and especially straight white men --

    其它方式還有,男人 ──尤其是異性戀的白人男性──
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在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan)

在台北吃早餐 (Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan) Image 10:15
  1. yeah, so if you want to find this place straight out of exit five and here you've got the market.

    是啊,所以如果你想找到這個地方直 從出口五在這裡你已經得到了市場。
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魔力紅 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla ) (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla ))

魔力紅 - What Lovers Do  ( cover by J.Fla ) (Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:19
  1. so, let's get one thing straight now baby

    So let's get one thing straight now baby 讓我們直入主題吧寶貝
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台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips)

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  1. to be ok with how things are going.
    "you want a piece?" "no man, im straight"
  2. 1. heterosexual 2. used to describe a person who does not participate in "dangerous" activity such as drugs, alchohol, sex or criminal activity. A good girl/guy. 3. to tell it straight - to tell the truth 4. see [straight up]
    1. Did you see how he reacted to that guy coming on to him? He is so straight. 2. Sally is so straight, she never breaks any rules. 3. "You being straight?" "Seriously, it really happened."
  3. There are multiple meanings for straight- 1. Traditional meaning: Without a bend or curve, evenly formed or set, not crooked. 2. Traditional meaning: Figurative; a) frank, honest, upright, b) right, correct 3. Traditional meaning: in proper order (numeric, chronologic, alphabetic, etc...), 4. Traditional meaning: without interruption or break; continuous, in an unbroken series, without reservations or exceptions, 5. Traditional meaning: unmixed, undiluted (reference to alcohol, or other substances, without qualification, unmodified, 6. Traditional meaning: showing no emotion or humor, serious rather than comic, natural rather than eccentric, 7. Traditional meaning: reliable, sure, authoritative, 8. Traditional meaning: behaving in a conventional manner, holding orthodox views, conventional, standard, normal, 9. Traditional meaning: made up of a set of five cards, as in poker, 10. Slang: term used in agreement, approval, 11. Slang: term used to qualify one's sexual preference, 12. Slang: term used to denote the validity of a statement or claim, 13. Slang: term used to describe a manner of frank communication, i.e.- straight talk, 14. Slang: term used to determine level of understanding, agreement, or otherwise mutual understanding and agreement
    Traditionally the word Straight referenced the quality of an object posessing no bends, curves, or twists. Today the word Straight refers to myriad categories including heterosexuality, commonality of opinion, earnest communication, and level of comprehension.
  4. Adj-Phrase, I'm alright, No thanks, no thank you
    "You want to hit this" "Naw son, i'm straight"
  5. Can be used as an adverb or adjective to signify emphasis.
    1. That movie was so funny it had us straight ROLLIN'. 2. He wouldn't keep his mouth shut so they straight whooped his ass and cut out. 3. Damn, that girl was straight hideous.
  6. 1) A heterosexual person. 2) A word used to decribe a line that has no curves. 3) Not on drugs.
    1) Are you gay? Naw, I'm straight. 2) That line is straight. 3) You on crack? No, I'm straight.
  7. not gay
    corey is gay, brandon is straight
  8. Meaning something is "okay" or "cool".
    Naw man thats straight.
  9. heterosexual; a breeder
  10. All set, good to go, [pearl]
    You okay man? You got hit kinda hard there. Yeah, i'm straight