In this depressing twilight of political thinking, Snow Starburst like a fireworks display.
在人們政治上陷入思想苦悶的情況下, 斯諾的《西行漫記》就象焰火一樣,騰空而起,劃破了蒼茫的暮色.

It is the brightest starburst galaxy ever spotted in the distant universe.

Is NGC 7582 a Starburst Galaxy?
NGC7582是一個星爆星系 嗎 ?

Photo Gallery : Minerals A starburst or red tourmaline stands out against its white surroundings.

That, in turn, is good evidence of a starburst.
反過來, 這很好地證明了星群爆發的存在.

nigahiga: 我們每天無病呻吟的問題,你也有FWP此症狀嗎?(First World Problems pt.2)

nigahiga: 我們每天無病呻吟的問題,你也有FWP此症狀嗎?(First World Problems pt.2) Image 03:16
  1. the beibs, crocs, and yellow starburst.

    The Beibs(小賈斯汀), Crocs,(一個鞋的品牌) and yellow Starburst(最不被需要的、怪異的)
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  1. Fucktabulous candy, tastes almost as good as sex, but not quite
    God damn that was a good starburst
  2. A contradiction; referring to the starburst commercial
    Person: I hate you but I also love you so what do I call that? Person: a paradox? You: Nope You: starburst
  3. rectangular prism of mouthwatering ecstasy
    Adrian: Brotato chip! Whats your favorite thing to do when you're alone? Dace: Starburst.
  4. A line made up of ketamine, cocaine and pure mdma snorted nasally. The resultant effect occurs in three distinct stages: Initial intense cocaine high, leading to several minutes of konfusion before the user moves blissfully to a state of ecstasy.
    Rack me up a starburst.
  5. A mode of space travel akin to making a jump to "hyperspace" (as in Star Wars). Only a [leviathan] spaceship can starburst. Starbursting has a partially random output vector, so you never quite know where you will end up. From the TV show Farscape.
    "Talyn, starburst" "Tell Moya to go to starburst now!" "We've lost them. They went to starburst."