• US /stæk/
  • UK /stæk/
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  • n. 一堆;一疊; 煙囪;排氣管;
  • v. 對...作弊; 堆積:堆疊;
  • Steve's father kept a stack of money locked in a safe
  • The fireplace stack had to be cleaned every month
  • He is likely to stack the cards so you should ask for a fresh deck
  • Please stack those magazines into one pile
  1. one stack = 1 G
  2. $1,000/ A Thousand Dollars
    Yo, I only gotta stack to play wit for the weekend.
  3. 1,000 dollars
    My dubs ran me two stacks!
  4. Thousands of dollars. A stack is one thousand dollars. Stacks is a synonym for thousands referring in terms of dollars.
    5 stacks is 5 thousand dollars.
  5. Originally "100 bills", bound in a paper ribbon. Among black people and proles of America it's synonymous with a [grand], in any combination of bills.
    Tool: "I hope you brought some cash." Poser: "I got a stack [on deck], bitch!" Tool: "A stack of?" Poser: "A grand, fool!" Tool: "You brought a stack of monopoly money? We got a high roller here." Contrary to popular belief, it's legal to carry a stack of 100s around without declaring it to the Treasury.* Just be white or famous.