• US /spɛl/
  • UK /spel/
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  • v. 招致麻煩; 拼寫;
  • n. 符咒; 一段時間;
  • Cory's gambling problem would spell trouble for the whole family
  • I know how to spell that word
  • She put a spell on him, so he would love her
  • She was in hospital for quite a long spell last winter

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938)) Image 59:40
  1. clothes and have respect arnaldo flaws into definite assets that spell

    衣服和尊重阿納爾多缺陷 成一定的資產,拼寫
  2. or went to paris as mrs palmer numero as mister man georgette spell damage

    或去巴黎夫人帕NUMERO 老總的人喬其紗法術傷害
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進化論 Vs. 上帝 (Evolution Vs. God)

進化論 Vs. 上帝 (Evolution Vs. God) Image 38:27
  1. spell the word "shop."

  2. spell the word "shop."

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  1. To combine letters *[properly]* to form a word. After all, you don't say someone knows how to spell if they spell the word "[Hacker]", "h4Ck3R".
    Me: "John, please spell the word, 'PUBERTY'." John: "P-U-B-E-R-T-Y!" Me: "Correct!"
  2. Something that most Urban Dictionary contributors don't know how to do, even though there is a built in spell check program. Apparently UD contributors are most commonly Americans and are victims of a terrible public school system.
    Me a Urbin Dixonary writar. I thinck im american and want to git all them dirty people what crashed them plains into the whyte house on 7-11. Mmmmm - slurpeeeee. What are u looking et? Spell bteter you jakass! Jerk.
  3. An exceptionally long amount of time.
    I ain't had a cigarette in quite a spell.
  4. Noun: The acute feeling caused by observing a person's small but significant behavior that makes you feel so embarrassed you want to crawl out of your skin or sew your eyes shut. Typically, the cause of spell goes unacknowledged in the moment, by both the source of the spell, as well as the witnesses. Can leads to body chills, excessive cringing, and flashbacks to the particular moment of spell.
    The guy I'm seeing earnestly played a cheesy song on his guitar without any irony - it gave me such spell. An awkward missed high five or fist bump is ripe with spell. This TV show, The Bachelor, is such a spell machine.
  5. 1. To form words by means of letters. 2. Words and/or actions in the form of a ritual done with the intent to preform magic. 3. A short period of time.
    1. Can you spell [lexicography]? 2. Casting spells is common in [Wicca]. 3. "I'm dizzy, I have to set down a spell." said Lesley.
  6. You can't spell?
    He couldn't spell a single word.
  7. To take a break or have a rest.
    "Man, this work is tiring me out." "Well have a Spell and I'll take over."
  8. something that is not like this example.
    Ie Cine speall speall corlectly. I can spell spell corectl.
  9. A hick, inbred term used to describe a sudden spasm or seizure.
    Me: Maw, Paw's done took a spell. Maw: Better [fetch] the doc! Paw (whilst drooling): Gaaaaahh!