• US /'su:nə/
  • UK /'su:nə/
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  • adj. 捷足先登的移民;
  • We will need to buy books sooner rather than later

便士之死(Death to Pennies)

便士之死(Death to Pennies) Image 04:31
  1. sooner or later even the most ardent lincoln lovers will have to give up the penny: they

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幽雅的宇宙 The Elegant Universe 01 (中英文字幕)

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2012粉紅點宣傳片(多元性別文化):某一天 (PINK DOT 2012: SOMEDAY)

2012粉紅點宣傳片(多元性別文化):某一天 (PINK DOT 2012: SOMEDAY) Image 02:27
  1. the sooner that "someday" will come.

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美女與野獸(Audiobook) (Beauty and the Beast (audiobook))

美女與野獸(Audiobook) (Beauty and the Beast (audiobook)) Image 30:09
  1. retired to rest, no sooner had he shut his chamber-door, than, to his

  2. see my poor father, and to know what he is doing." she had no sooner

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如何克服尷尬 (How to Get Over an Embarrassing Moment | Middle School)

如何克服尷尬 (How to Get Over an Embarrassing Moment | Middle School) Image 01:30
  1. smile, laugh through it, you'll get over it sooner than you think.

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博物管員 (Ask Emily #6)

博物管員 (Ask Emily #6) Image 06:34
  1. for not letting me know a little sooner, you know,

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  1. Short for sooner blitz. Verb or noun. An umbrella term that encompasses the acts of passing, stealing, grabbing, taking, rushing, cramming or buying something.
    "Let's sooner blitz those tables over there." "Can I sooner a Big Mac and some fries?" "Sooner that slow driver."
  2. A cheat, a sneaky, no good person. Refers to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 when settlers, seeking free land, made their way to Oklahoma to stake their claim to tracts of open territory. One of the few rules to claiming a lot of land was that all participants were to start at the same time, on the boom of a cannon. All settlers who started then were labeled as "Boomers" and the ones who sneaked in ahead of time were called "Sooners." The University of Oklahoma named its athletic teams the Sooners in 1908 to pay homage to the cheating claim jumpers of the land rush. The nickname proved fitting as, over the years, Sooner athleteic teams have been the object of many NCAA penalties stemming from repeated violations of a variety of rules, particularly under the ignominious reign of football coach Barry Switzer when the already outlaw program sunk to outrageous lows.
    Those are some low-down, cheating bastards. What do you expect, they're sooners. Some sooner stole my cash.