• US /sɔɪl/
  • UK /sɔɪl/
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  • n. 土壤; 土壤; (國家的)領土;
  • v. 弄髒(衣服等);
  • The tomato plants needed good soil to grow
  • Your roses will like this soil, they will make big flowers
  • Find your embassy first when you step on foreign soil
  • Mary didn't mean to soil her fancy white lace dress with mud

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. then soil which is growth,

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【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries

【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries Image 06:01
  1. in the ground just as soon as you can work that soil up without it being too terribly

  2. muddy. so wait for the soil to dry out a bit, but that's the time to plant your blueberries.

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  1. n. a person who cannot do anything right or screws up a lot. Originated at Dartmouth College (Bones Gate)
    "He got THREE D's on his report card? What a soil!"
  2. To soil is to shit in your pants.
    I hope I dont soil myself.
  3. Good hard rock band.
    SoiL has some good stuff out, particularly their older work on their "Scars" album.
  4. ('soy - l): 1.[noun] - One's area of origin; hood, block, barrio, ward, locale, etc.
    1. This lingo originated straight from my soil, the Bay area.
  5. 1) A particular type of earth consisting of rocks and minerals. 2) A stain. 3) A hard rock / heavy metal band, currently with 3 albums: throttle junkies scars redefine
    1) I used some the soil from over there to plant my plant. 2) Ahh, i have a soil on my shirt. 3) Cross my heart hope to die, pluck out my f***ing eye, i am broken everywhere, loveless b****rd i don't care.