• US /sloʊ/
  • UK /sləʊ/
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  • adj. 慢的;緩緩的;遲緩的; 慢了的;晚了的; 遲鈍的;愚笨的; 慢的; 理解力不好的; 不景氣的; 慢慢地; 遲遲地做; 變晚; 慢吞吞地做; 慢下來; 緩慢; 遲; 遲遲; 遲緩; 遲慢; 緩; 慢;徐; 紓; 縵;
  • v. 減慢; 使慢;放慢;
  • The slow old dog rested all day in the shade
  • The slow clock made David think he was early for work
  • He is a bit slow but work with his hands is good
  • My grandfather is a slow talker and speaks in a soft voice
  • Betty had to slow her pace for her friend with a broken foot
  • I slow down when I see children on the street

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic)

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic) Image 05:14
  1. coordination - not cars - is the problem because we are monkey drivers with slow reaction times and short attention spans.

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  1. beam me up real slow, scotty.

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The Scientific Power of Naps

The Scientific Power of Naps Image 01:54
  1. in stage 1, slow eye movement begins

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大腦的把戲:你的大腦是如何運作的呢?(Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works)

大腦的把戲:你的大腦是如何運作的呢?(Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works) Image 04:41
  1. rate will increase. now you've experienced slow thinking.

  2. these two systems of fast and slow thinking dictate much of our perception

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  1. Somebody who has problems understanding something. And is not fast in the mind.
    Damn, that muthafucka is slow!!! He over there tryin to pee in a sink, what the fuck?
  2. 1) Someone who doesn't understand what's going on. 2) A person who is not particularly quick in their mental processes. See also [retard], [stupid]
    1)Yo, Brian is slow he didn't know the teacher was talking about him. 2)That girl is so slow she failed the driving test five times.
  3. Originated on the GameArena messageboards ( and was short for "Secret Language Of Women". It started off as a thread in which a widely distributed email containing satire of what women mean when they say certain phrases was posted. The thread has spawned duplicates after each subsequent thread was locked and is today a haven for Telstra employees to converse as it's not blocked by their company firewall. The thread titles of SLOW vary and usually involve a pun or something that incorporates the word "slow".
    Check out the new SLOW thread, "Pope so SLOW the 1st"
  4. Not fast (yeah I know thats a pathetic definition) See also [AOL], [telstra], [Canadian] and [George Bush]
    This Internet connections is as slow as a Canadian Mountie
  5. A relatively slow learner, who while struggling to keep up with everyday tasks, cultural evolution, or academics, is in a temporary (and usually domain limited) state of high reason, capable of demonstrating some set of the complex products of creativity and/or analytical thought. An effect due to some combination of factors such as intrinsic motivation, autistic spectrum disorders, emotional intelligence, mental specialization, and the powers of chance.
    "But I thought Einstein couldn't speak till he was four". "He was just slow" "Mikey's failing math again!" "Don't worry about honey.....he's just a little slow"
  6. A non-existant drug that is the opposite of speed, whose effects include: delayed reactions, randomly falling alseep, lack of motivation and or movement, and feeling as if you are living in slow motion.
    A: Dude, I thought she was about to OD on slow, it took her 5 minutes to answer my yes or no question! B: Shit man! That's bad! I need some slow, I've been way to productive lately.
  7. at a low speed, opposite of fast See also [aol]
    My internet is very slow.
  8. This website at getting new definitions up
  9. a situation looks bleak or there is no hope
    the republicans beating obama next election. it's slow
  10. (adj.) mildly retarded, evoking nimroddish qualities in a manner likely to invoke frustration; stupid; special (in a derogatory manner).
    That guy who sends those dirty emails is slow.