• US /'skeptɪkəl/
  • UK /'skeptɪkəl/
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  • adj. 懷疑性的 ; 懷疑論的 ; 多疑的 ; 多疑;
  • I was skeptical of the thief's claim that he was now a changed man

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  1. whenever i told people about it, they were very skeptical.

    不論我跟任何人說我的計劃 他們都很懷疑能不能成功
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  1. associated with doubting, not believing, not accepting
    You should be skeptical of a [fortune teller] whose [crystal ball] has three finger holes in it.
  2. when you are weary of someone's good natured actions; to not wholeheartedly believe
    Even though you appear to be doing a good thing, I will always be skeptical of your behavior