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  • n. 同胞的女子 ; 姊妹 ; 女性的親友 ; 女會員 ; 護士長 ; 護士 ; 修女 ; 同種的東西; 修女;
  • My sister and I are very close
  • Sister Mary will speak at the church meeting tonight

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  1. else, their sister - gets ill. there's not enough money to take care of it. nobody else

    否則,他們的妹妹 - 變病。這裡沒有 足夠的資金來照顧它。沒有其他人
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【TED-Ed】基因檢測真的準確嗎? (What Can DNA Tests Really Tell Us About Our Ancestry? - Prosanta Chakrabarty)

【TED-Ed】基因檢測真的準確嗎? (What Can DNA Tests Really Tell Us About Our Ancestry? - Prosanta Chakrabarty) Image 06:45
  1. the results show that one sister is 10 percent french, the other 0 percent.

    結果顯示,一個有 10% 的法國血統,另一個卻是 0%。
  2. so one sister isn't more french in the sense of having more ancestors from france.

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怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?)

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  1. A person created by your parents for the sole purpose of giving you a convienient girlfriend.
    Boy: Let's have sex! Sister: Ok...but that's the twelfth time today, not counting the anal!
  2. creations of satin designed to search and destroy the older sibling
    my sister is eating my arm
  3. How Allie and Erika describe their secret [lesbian] relationship.
    Allie: Oh, oneesan! Feel me up! All the cute green eyed boys are so fickle or homosexual! We're sisters! Erika: Oh my [imouto], I am simply not in the mood! I need to watch more anime sex scenes with my grunting father! He lives for nothing but the climax!
  4. a strange alien species which is out to wreck male human life.
    my sister is an alien out to ruin my life.
  5. A female with whom you share parents. Depending on the birth order she can be 1. your friend or 2. the BIGGEST BITCH EVER.
    1. My sister is going to take me to see Iron Man 2. 2. My fucking sister just stole my wallet.
  6. your sister is the girl that will always be there for you and may save you one day, wether you know it or not. your sister may or may not be related to you and could just be an amazing friend, but either way your sister is always slow to judge and quick to forgive. she will always love you, she might just hide it from you.
    stevi is like my big sister, i love her and always will.
  7. a whinning bitch from hell.
    My sister got kicked out of hell for being such a bitch.
  8. An anoying person that is related to you in some way and is out to ruin your life.
    My little sister is a brat.
  9. Some girl who thinks that just because she's related to you, can just waltz into your house and eat all the strawberry flavored yougurts when she knows that thoes ones are your favorites!
    You know your sister has broken into your house when A. You turn on the TV and it's set to the Style Network. B. There's tire tracks on your lawn. C. Your cat's liter box has a human poo in it. D. All the strawberry yogurts are gone.
  10. can be pretty bitchy people, may often get into fights, they may steal your clothes and not give them back, could also steal your boyfriends, but some sisters are very trustworthy people, and in the end sisters love eachother
    my sisters stole my clothes