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  • noun pl. 挑選出; 單打比賽; 單曲唱片,主題曲; 單身人士;
  • The team player with the most singles in one game was given a trophy
  • Bottles of juice may be bought in singles or cases
  • The band had three best selling singles in five years
  • Quiz nights at the local pub are a great time for singles to meet

Adele - Rolling In The Deep Lyrics Video

Adele - Rolling In The Deep Lyrics Video Image 03:53
  1. her two albums and the first two singles from 21, "rolling in the deep" and "someone like

    她的兩張專輯和《21》的前兩首單曲,"Rolling in the Deep"和"Someone Like。
  2. both the uk official singles chart and the official albums chart simultaneously since

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【艾倫秀】這些網站可能幫你找到真命天菜 (Ellen Helps You Find a Date)

【艾倫秀】這些網站可能幫你找到真命天菜 (Ellen Helps You Find a Date) Image 03:12
  1. it says, "meet 'free-spirited' singles near you."

  2. check out stoner singles.

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RWBY第三季 第1集 (RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 1: Round One)

RWBY第三季 第1集 (RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 1: Round One) Image 17:04
  1. teams, doubles, and singles.

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關於美國移民禁令的黑暗歷史 (The Dark History Of Immigration Bans In The U.S.)

關於美國移民禁令的黑暗歷史 (The Dark History Of Immigration Bans In The U.S.) Image 04:02
  1. it singles out the muslim majority countries of yemen, iraq, iran, syria, somalia, sudan and libya.

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  1. When you are currently not in a relationship with a significant other. It usually does not bother you, but the problems start when selfish and inconsiderate assholes rub in the fact that they have someone, and start saying they "love their oh-so-sexy [boyfriends]/[girlfriends]" and start going on and on about what he/she does for them, CAN do, and blah blah. NOBODY CARES HOW GREAT HE/SHE IS TO YOU!! If you're taken, and love your partner a lot, then good for you, but for goodness's sakes, at least show some consideration for SINGLE people! Some of these people may even be heartbroken ones, who have been abused by past partners, or just simply some that are sick of hearing about some stupid narrow-sighted people who only see either how "hot" their partner is, or how much money he/she has. Talk about your partner if you want to.. but.. just calm down about it. Your life does not fucking revolve around him/her, so don't act like it.
    single person: Hi. I am single. taken person: HIII! OMFG I'm TAKEN by OMG the BEEESSTT guy EVVVEERRR!! He's SOOO cute and OMFG we go to MOVIES together and do FRENCH KISSES and all!! YAYYY FLOWERS and ICE CREAM and PRESENTS!!! He's SOOO awesome and makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!! single person: -_-.... *walks away*
  2. it means that you are alone not lonley
    you maybe single but you are always surrounded with friends and family and you are a stronger person not to be scared to venture life, yourself
  3. the best damn feeling in the world! Independent & free!
    "whatcha gonna do tonight?...." "whatever the hell i want... im single!"
  4. Being single's not that bad hehe s:stay i:intoxicated n:nightly g:get l:laid e:everyday
    By : Jeff Foxworthy <hehe>
  5. to feel like the bird in the sky.
    to be single,its a great idea to feel the life.
  6. The best thing in a relationship. There might be little disadvantages with being single but there are MANY advantages being single. See below.
    Some advantages: -You can go WHEREVER THE HELL you want to go -One word: Independence -You can have a crush on anyone -No relationship fights and stuff -I think there are more... Some people say being in a relationship is the happiest thing for a person, but being single is just as equal to that.
  7. A CD that usually has around half the tracks of a normal one.
    Why pay full price for half the music? I hate singles and EPs.
  8. the one that everyone feels sorry for, but should really envy.
    person in relationship: I had such a busy night last night, because I had to help my boyfriend wax his back hair, but it was all worth it because he took me to applebees afterwards. What did you do? Single person: There was a lot of alcohol involved, and I invited a guy over that turned out to be a total douchebag. person in relationship: oh no, that sounds awful single person: yeah, but it was all worth it because he left over a bottle of patron, and I am never returning his phone calls so i can keep it. I love being single.
  9. A relationship status that is usually associated with the euphoria of being off your ol' biatch's leash. For men, it means that you can finally hang out with your friends again. For women, it means that you can stop pretending that you don't secretly want Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom inside of you at the same time.
    "Hellz yus I'm single, let's go to a strip joint and stare at some titties!" or "Omg Katie, like, I'm single, and like, I just noticed that Brad Pitt is really sexie!"
  10. A term meaning one dollar bill.
    For instance when getting change for a ten dollar bill you would say "can I get a five and five singles"