• US /ˈriˌsɔrs, -ˌsors, -ˌzɔrs, -ˌzors, rɪˈsɔrs, -ˈsors,/
  • UK /riˈsɔ:s/
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  • n. 資源;資產; 資源; 機智;應變能力;
  • v. 為...提供資源;
  • The staff are the most important resource in business
  • Water is a natural resource needed for life
  • Mark is known to be a man of great resource in the woods
  • The company had to resource funds from people's help

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  1. have this." "we didn't have that." there is a resource that people believe is missing,

    有這樣的。“”我們沒有說。“有 一種資源,人們相信缺失,
  2. and that resource belief structure then keeps people from every being able to really lead

    而資源的信仰結構,那麼保持 人們從每一個能夠真正引領
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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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  1. a resource-based economy.

  2. resource-based economy (rbe) and a monetary system

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"Many Truths, 1 Lie!"

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  1. library of ivan the terrible that we are now the largest resource on the entire internet

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  1. 1. a person who is defined as departmental cog for a business / company 2. a peon 3. a person whose chin is a shelf for management's nutsac
    Manager says, "That's not YOUR resource to define!" Translation: "That's my bitch!"
  2. 1. noun. A nice name for the stupid class
    1. Did you know he was in resource?
  3. 1. An extensive educational assisting program at the Oswego High school, where several [Fucktards] are enrolled. 2. A person enrolled in such a program, often used as an offensive name towards such person. 3. "Resource" in fact is an oxymoron, as one would not resort to a person of resourcefulness under this definition.
    Smith, you're such a fucking resource.