The research progress of silicone adhesion promoter and the action of modified adhesion promoter are introduced.

A promoter swearing you did side deals with him so you could split my overages!

A new kind of regenerable flue gas desulfurization absorbent, desorption promoter and the process are introduced.
開發了一種新型可再生煙氣脫硫吸收劑 、 解吸助劑及工藝.

Aim : To clone whey acidic protein ( WAP ) promoter and construct the vector.
目的: 克隆乳清酸蛋白基因 ( WAP ) 啟動子並構建其載體.

Trace Pt in the CO combustion promoter was determined by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy.

2015收入最高的運動員 (World's Highest-Paid Athletes of 2015)

2015收入最高的運動員 (World's Highest-Paid Athletes of 2015) Image 03:11
  1. he controls the purse strings by also acting as promoter.

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  1. n.; one employed by a nightlife venue, e.g. a bar, lounge, or club, whose purpose is to increase the hype of the venues (for nascent venues) and maximize the clientele (for more established venues) - that is, attract a wealthy, good-looking, and extroverted crowd - by distributing complimentary passes and contact information at places where such clientele may be found, such as outside a competing venue during closing; the promoter usually gets paid in proportion to the revenue earned during the night he/she was promoting, generally not as lucrative as a bartender, but better than a bouncer; over 80% of promoters are male
    John: hey ladies, you all looking beautiful Sarah: oh please! Diane: you're just saying that cuz you're a promoter John: while that may be true, come to my club and i'll take care of you Kristen: let's go to club XtaC tonite, i know the head promoter there, he can get us in for free Charlene: you are such a ho Tyrone: damn bro, the life of a promoter is great, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches and invite them into VIP Deepak: yeah? well the life of a bartender is better, i get to spit game to all these hot bitches AND get tipped Security: ok kids, get out of the way, the owner coming thru Kevin: ladies, come to the after-party Ryan: wutup promoter, can I roll thru your after-party? Kevin: sorry dude, no hard feelings - but I'm trying to get laid