• US /prəˈfɛʃənəl/
  • UK /prə'feʃənl/
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  • adj. 專門知識或特殊訓練的; 專業的; 職業的;
  • n. 專家; 職業選手;
  • He works as a professional lawyer in the city
  • He handles the debate in a professional manner
  • She is a professional soccer star, earning more in a game than I earn in a year
  • I can’t fix this, I think I need a professional to look at it
  • The professional works faster than I work

想要幫助別人?教你該怎麼說! (Polite English: How to offer help)

想要幫助別人?教你該怎麼說! (Polite English: How to offer help) Image 04:05
  1. so let's look at the board. this can help you in a personal situation and also at work in a professional situation,

    我們現在看一下白板 這可以在私人的情境或是工作中的專業情境提供幫助
  2. more professional you could say, "would you like me to," for example, "open the window?"

    或是專業的情況 你可以說 你希望我──舉例來說──幫你打開窗戶嗎?
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  1. a prostitute; the oldest professional
    Your girl is loose; she aint nothing but a professional.
  2. 1. Somebody who gets paid for what they do (as opposed to an amateur). 2. Somebody who works at a job that requires a decent amount of skill and knowledge. Examples: physician, carpenter, chef, engineer. Counter-examples: fast-food clerk, toll-booth attendant, marketing executive, politician, preacher. 3. A [Yuppie]. The term is used in this way only by Yuppies themselves.
    Bob finally realized his dream of becoming a professional bowler. 35 year old white female professional seeks black male for bondage fantasies. Must be discreet.
  3. 1. (Adjective) a. Of or relating to the characteristic of professionalism, usually applicable in medium to large corporations. A characteristic in which one is expected to put one's employer and duties thereof above family, human dignity, and health. b. One is is professional is monitored to ensure they are walking around with a sarcastic respect for other people in the corporation, even when there are very real burdens on the professional person's mind. c. A description unfairly assigned only to one who devotes more time and energy to his occupation in the company than to his marriage, family, and health. d. The manner in which a task is performed in a company, as long as it reflects the professional qualities of the performer. e. A WORD THAT HAS LOST IT'S MEANING IN CORPORATE NONSENSE AND BIG-CORPORATION SYNDROME. There are still GOOD professionals out there--ones that are passionate about the good work they do and have freed themselves to do it. 2. (Noun) a. One who is enslaved to the characteristic of professionalism in order to keep their job (see Professional - adj.) b. One who wears fancy clothes that tell nothing of their character or skill, whether good or bad. c. Often higher [manager] that treats [subordinates] less "professionally" than they look.
    "Fred worked until 2:00AM yesterday. He's way more professional than we are!" (adj.) "Your speech was very professional, Arty!" "Don't insult me!" "Well that was unprofessional..." "Thank you." (adj.) "This is our professional team of salesmen." "No, we're people who enjoy people and exercise that on the side in the form of sales." (adj) (Interview) "Would you describe yourself as...professional?" "No, and here's why. The meaning of the word pro--" "Okay, that'll be all. Have a nice life!" "When I grow up, I want to be a professional!" "No you don't Johnny, don't believe that nonsense." (noun) "You're a real professional!" "Thanks for the good intent, but don't ever say that again. Thanks." (noun)
  4. An expert defined not just by his ability to work on a subject but by his precision of detail on anything related to that subject or it's doingness.
    It was not just that he could paint, it was in how he never spilled a drop, never was late with a painting or an appointment and could convey emotion with any part of his paintings that made him such a professional.
  5. a person engaged in one of the learned professions
    Person A: That Brett Hodgson guy..what do you think of him? Person B: Hes an absolute professional!
  6. Someone who has the drive and determination and swagger of an athlete. Sean Skyvington.
    That kid plays like a real professional.
  7. The act or instance of being super cute or "in charge". It is meant to be a compliment given from a guy to a girl when that girl looks as if she tried to look extra beautiful today. I.e. curling/straightening their hair or putting on different make-up.
    Excuse me, Miss, I was wondering where I could apply for a job here. -I don't work here oh, I'm sorry, you were just sitting there looking so professional.
  8. Drunk.
    Dude, we were so professional last night! Jimmy was so professional, he was [sportin a tie]!