• US /ɔr/
  • UK /ɔ:(r)/
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  • conj. 或著、要不; 要不; 可能; 或 ; 或者 ; 換句話說 ; 不然的話 ; 還是 ; 要不 ; 抑;
  • We can go to see a movie, or stay home
  • Hurry up or you will be late
  • They do not sing or write
  • You can go home this way, or that way
  1. Referring to someone as a whore but without actually saying the word "whore".
    That girl is such an or.
  2. Short for overrated
    Lisa: The Jonas Brothers have really dumb music and are always all over Walmart. Jessica: No kidding. They are totally O.R.
  3. Organized Rhyme A rap group from Ottawa, Ontario famous mainly for their 1993 single "Check the O.R." which gained radio play in Canada, and for the later success of one of their members, [Tom Green].
    Check the O.R. You like it so far? Check the O.R. You love the O.R.
  4. Over reaction
    wow that was an O.R!!
  5. New saying, definatley slang, used to make words that end in er sound more omnipotent.
    water to WATOR or runner to RUNNOR