• US /wʌn/
  • UK /wʌn/
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  • number 一個的 ; 其中的 ; 一方的 ; 相同的 ; 不變的 ; 某 ; 唯一的 ; 該同類物 ; 一;
  • pron. 任何人;一個人; 代替上下文中的名詞;
  • adj. 任何人的; (用於強調形容詞)一個;
  • Six minus five equals one
  • When one is hungry, it is time to eat
  • They all stole food, but Alice was the one they caught
  • When one understands oneself, you know all there is to know
  • It is one smart student, whose papers are always perfect
  1. "Goodbye" Shortened form of "One Love"
    "I'm out, 1"
  2. n. The loneliest number.
    The loneliest number
  3. Can be used as 'goodbye' or 'later'. Short for "One Love"
    Joe: "see ya tomorrow" Nikki: "one."
  4. means goodbye, spoken as a true gangsta
    You leavin? Aight one bro."
  5. Regarded by many as the best [Metallica] songs. The song portrays a young soldier who is returning from war, suffering massive damage from a landmine. He cannot speak, he cannot move, he is essentially a head with no body. Metallica did two versions of this song originally, the original and the rare version. In the rare version, during the long instrumental sections it is filled with speaking, the speaking of the soldier in his mind, the doctors, and his father. The boy pleads for his father to kill him, the doctor realizes the mistake of taking this patient and making him live through this "hell".
    On "...and Justice for All."
  6. To close out a meeting, dialogue or some instance of communication with another/others by equating this term with "take care."
    "Ayight man, I'm bout to bounce, I'll holla at you later. One."
  7. another word for 'peace'
    him: gta go, 1 me: buhbye
  8. Slang term from being on your own.
    Looks like im on my ones then...
  9. a slang term for nike air force ones
    im bout to go get me some fresh ones
  10. [l33tsp33k] replacement for the exclamation mark. Originates to the common typo in which a "1" is typed instead of an exclamation mark, as a result of the shift key not being held down. This evolved into the current derivative where the term "one" is fully typed.
    OMG TEH MARTIX REOLADED IS TEH ROXXOR!!!!!!!111111oneoneone