• US /ˈnaɪˌlɑn/
  • UK /ˈnaɪlɒn/
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  • n. 尼龍;
  • The first product to use nylon was the toothbrush in the 1930s

意想不到的100個最偉大發現 (Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries EP3 Chemistry)

意想不到的100個最偉大發現 (Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries EP3 Chemistry) Image 44:33
  1. no fishermen in the world is going to go back to having nets out of cotton, you can bet those nets are going to be out of nylon.

  2. we have science, making polymers, making nylon, making rayon,

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【新奇】當好友互相用跳傘來整對方時........ (好友互整 - Murr的跳傘懲罰)

【新奇】當好友互相用跳傘來整對方時........ (好友互整 - Murr的跳傘懲罰) Image 03:47
  1. nylon this is my long guys

    尼龍? 嘿,這個是尼龍啊
  2. case you were wondering the how strong the fabric is its nylon

    我想你們會猜這種布料會有多堅固 結果這個是尼龍
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【TED】Ross Lovegrove 有機設計的力量與美感 (Ross Lovegrove: The power and beauty of organic design)

【TED】Ross Lovegrove 有機設計的力量與美感 (Ross Lovegrove: The power and beauty of organic design) Image 20:17
  1. it's got a vacuum-formed, carbon-nylon pan.

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January 13, 2016 - CNN Student News with subtitle

January 13, 2016 - CNN Student News with subtitle Image 10:01
  1. waterproof nylon waders sold by a husband and wife company

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  1. An "indie" fashion/art/music magazine that is primarily targeted towards girls in their late teens and twenties. NYLON was created in 1999 by Marvin Scott Jarrett, who "never set out for NYLON to be the biggest magazine - just the coolest." It frequently features "It Girls" like Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldof, and lesser-known (but still relatively popular) actresses and bands such as Lily Allen and Camilla Belle. Contrary to popular belief, NYLON is not only read by "hipsters" and "indie kids," although they certainly make up a large percentage of the "letters to the editors." Although it can sometimes be overbearingly pretentious and preoccupied with being unique, NYLON provides a nice alternative to the mass-produced "Seventeen" and "Cosmo" magazines that are so popular today. As long as you don't buy into every word of every article, NYLON can be an enjoyable magazine that introduces you to new ways of dressing, up-and-coming bands, and more.
    NYLON letter to the editor from a dedicated fan: "dear nylon, you are my bible. you are the mozerella to my maccaronni, the ranch to my green salad. you are a stellar piece of work & just fabulous. you are the love child of art, fashion, music, and sex. i literally scream every time i see you in the mailbox, because that is how much i love you. marry me? xx" casual NYLON reader: "Yeah, NYLON is pretty cool. I loved how they featured Lily Allen, she makes really catchy music, but she's not nearly as overrated as Miley Cyrus or PCD. And their fashion layouts gave me some awesome ideas for new outfits! That one article by that 'It Girl' was way over the top, though. She made it sound like every girl who listens to mainstream music every once in a while is some kind of blood traitor. It was so 'holier-than-thou!'"
  2. women's stockings made from a sheer material (nylon or rayon or silk)
    Mike wore some sexy nylons to the drag show
  3. Colorful nickname for the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, as pronounced in the distinctive New Orleans patois
    Guy #1: I'm going to be taking a trip down to Nylons later this month. Guy #2: I believe most people call it [Nawlins]. Mayor of New Orleans: Both pronunciations are acceptable.
  4. From New York and LONdon - a trans-Atlantic commuter, usually in financial services, consulting, fashion, or media. A subspecies of [yuppie] with lots of frequent-flier miles and a tri-band cell phone.
    Ken has been a nylon for about six months now - he's really racking up the miles. And the best part is, when he plays hooky, everyone thinks he's in the other office.