• US /ˈnu:kliəs/
  • UK /ˈnju:kliəs/
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  • n. 原子核; 中心;核心;細胞核;原子核;慧星核;核(原子群); 核心;中心;
  • This is the nucleus of the atom in the center of the picture
  • The nucleus of this cell will divide soon
  • What you have is the nucleus of a wonderful idea, I'd love to hear more
  1. (n. v. adj. pronoun, adverb, etc.) - word used as an alternative to a word one cannot think of due to a temporary lapse in brain function or laziness.
    "I referenced today's date with the purchase order number for... nucleus."
  2. is the Nacho that all the cheese is attached too. Every plate of Nachos has one.
    If you pick up a nacho and 20 others come up with it, that is the nucleus.
  3. (interjection) - used as an exclamation of pain, surprise, pity, complaint, dislike, joy, etc.
    He shouted, "Nucleus!" as they stared at the most expensive car they had ever seen.
  4. (noun) - used to inadvertently acknowledge the presence of a good looking woman
    "Nucleus", he whispered as they pretended not to noticed the two tits on a stick standing behind them in line.
  5. the central part of an atom. Contains protons and neutrons.
    The nucleus of Uranium-238 contains 92 protons and 146 neutrons
  6. Word of appraisal. Meaning cool.. Known as a positive remark. Nucleus by definition is the center of an atom which all electrons and protons constantly orbit around. Thus nucleus means 'center of attention'.
    -"Have you seen his new music video? Yo that shit is nucleus! " -" Them kicks is looking nucleus." -"That shirt is nucleus yo!"