• US /ˈnɛsɪˌsɛri/
  • UK /'nesəsərɪ/
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  • adj. 必要的 ; 必然性的 ; 必需的;
  • Car insurance is a necessary expense of owning a car

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. basis, because that's who you are. you do whatever is necessary to maintain that identity.

    的基礎上,因為這是你是誰。你做 一切必要保持這種身份。
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【TEDx】Brene Brown: 脆弱的力量 TEDxHouston - Brené Brown

【TEDx】Brene Brown: 脆弱的力量 TEDxHouston - Brené Brown Image 20:45
  1. they just talked about it being necessary.

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音樂具有的科學力量 (The Scientific Power of Music)

音樂具有的科學力量 (The Scientific Power of Music) Image 01:57
  1. but because many of these stimulants are necessary for human survival

    但因為很多刺激物是 人類生存不可或缺的,
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STEVE JOBS Reexamined

STEVE JOBS Reexamined Image 07:34
  1. steven johnson: i'm not sure it's necessary. it seems pretty clear that he became less

    STEVEN JOHNSON:我';不確定是否有必要。它似乎很清楚,他變得不那麼
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  1. Everything in the past, including war was necessary, because it existed. This does not mean to say that it is necessary now or in the future.
    People started to realize the basic game center could move to life support instead of death support and it was now necessary to work for only 6 hours per year instead of the current 2,000, to support war mongers.
  2. Something that is compulsory or mandatory in nature. An action that needs to be taken
    * It is not necessary for Ryan to lick my ass. * I find it necessary to use sexual slang at least every other sentence. It makes me look mature...