English is a mongrel language that keeps its vitality by absorbing new words, uses and expression _ rs.
英語是一種雜交語言,一直靠吸收新詞 、 新用法和新含義來保持其生命力.

Did you honestly believe I would trust the future to some blind, half - night elf mongrel?

Underneath the wagon, between the hind wheels a lean and rangy mongrel dog walked sedately.
在馬車後輪之間, 一條瘦骨嶙峋的長腿雜種狗不聲不響地跟著.

Out of that, you mongrel.
放開它, 你這雜種!

  1. A cross-breed, can be a derogatory name for those of mixed heritage.
    that mixed girl looks like a mongrel
  2. The mongrel is a wiley animal.
    <Vertigo> A mongrel is a wiley animal
  3. a rather unexplainable term used when you really dont like a person. marked by ugliness, rudeness, fatness, etc.
    She is such a mongrel!
  4. Used to describe someone who's accent is all over the place. Intended as a compliment. Definitely not racist.
    That girl sounded like she was from Manchester, Wales and Lincoln all at the same time - she was a proper mongrel-in a good way