• US /ˈmɑlɪˌkjul/
  • UK /ˈmɒlɪkju:l/
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  • n. 分子;
  • A molecule consists of two or more atoms

【TED-Ed】 什麼是脂肪?(What is fat? - George Zaidan)

【TED-Ed】 什麼是脂肪?(What is fat? - George Zaidan) Image 04:22
  1. that holds the rest of the molecule together.

  2. what a molecule looks like on paper.

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  1. Two or more [atoms] that are chemically bonded together.
    The lake is full of water molecules.
  2. slang word for "pure" MDMA, or, ectasy used in the hippie scene. also known as [molly]it comes as a crystalline powder in gelcaps. normal effective dose is .1 grams for roughly 20$ per. molecule is a way more heady alternative than regular rolls.
    gogurt was parachuting tenths of molecule in his anal wind sock all goddam day at bonnaroo.