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  • v. 我在市場上購買和出售賣;
  • noun pl. 需求; 市場; 市場;市場;
  • That company markets cooking toys to boys
  • There are not many markets for used cell phones
  • In these markets, most of the buyers are women
  • There were several farmers' markets across the different villages

台灣旅遊小秘訣 (Taiwan Travel Tips)

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. lost its largest cash crop markets

  2. currencies tossed together and manipulated in floating markets

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廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938)) Image 59:40
  1. reginald denny designs and markets moderate plan underfed and others

    雷金納德·丹尼市場設計和開發 溫和的計劃吃不飽和其他
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創業家的十項迷思 (The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship)

創業家的十項迷思 (The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship) Image 10:19
  1. a university dropout tells us that he will show the consumers which products they want and then step by step revolutionizes the markets for personal computers, music and cell phones.

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  1. Shortened form of 'Blackbush Market', a market held on Sundays in a village in hampshire. Blackbush referring to a woman who has incredibly dark pubic hair.
    Blimey, I bet she has a lovely market!