• US /liv/
  • UK /lɪv/
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  • v. 現場; 活著; 住;住;
  • adj. 現場直播的; 帶電的; 我為你燃燒; 活的;
  • adv. 現場直播;
  • How long did he live?
  • He and Kelly live a life of luxury because he is so rich
  • Where do you live, Siberia?
  • The live program will start at five
  • That is a live wire, don't touch it or you will be killed
  • That is a live fire; do not step on it or your foot will burn
  • No, I don’t eat live animals
  • The concert is live, but it will be recorded for future viewing

你可聽到人民的怒吼 Do you hear the people sing?

你可聽到人民的怒吼 Do you hear the people sing? Image 02:09
  1. some will fall and some will live

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  1. Jumping, full of people, exciting. Something was very enjoyable
    That rave was live The place was live
  2. Word Used To Express How Good Something Is...
    1. "Dat Tune Is LIVE" 2. "U Know Dat Rave I Went 2 Last Nite, It Woz LIVE!"
  3. Somethin' happening, thaT's got a ViBe..
    Yooo....Angel's was Liiive last tuesday
  4. the act of something being cool; sick
    This party is live, [fam].
  5. (adv) Great
    Tupac is Live
  6. for something to be happening right now, like a concert or a sports game.
    person 1: dude, the super bowl is gonna be on tonight live! person 2: sweet, im watchin it!
  7. able , or acessable
    -yo lets get sum haze from ur man -na , i cant , he aint live
  8. To have or be carrying marijuana on you.
    "Yo, you live?" "Yeah, how much you need?"
  9. The state of utopia and excitement.
    A: How was the party last night? B: That shit was live!
  10. A person considered sexually promiscuous; a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability "sexually", for people to notice.
    Short Spanish Guy: you see those hickey's all over cat?!?! Adorable Panda: I'm sayin! Cat's Live!