• US /lɔ/
  • UK /lɔ:/
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  • n. 法律學; 法律; 法律 ; 成文律 ; 法律界 ; 律師職掌 ; 訴訟 ; 定則 ; 先行距離 ; 猶豫 ; 警察 ; 定律 ; 法 ; 規率 ; 律 ; 觚;
  • Is it difficult to study law?
  • No one is above the law
  • We should not take the law for granted
  1. The defintion of this word has been removed since it has been deemed unlawful to display it in public domain, under ammendment 15th to the convention treaty of 1987. See section 7B for further details.
    <censored> has recently been used against the <censored> in order to demonstrate the <censored> of <censored>.
  2. A framework of self imposed regulation created by society to govern social conduct among individuals.
    We need a Law to curb the menace of contraband.
  3. Another name for the cops
    Yo, watch out for the law
  4. Things that are meant to be broken.
    I broke a whole mess of laws today: DUI, possession of narcotics, and sodomy.
  5. A code of conduct to which everyone is held accountable but nobody is expected to understand in the first place, which is furthermore created by the same class of people who charge an arm and a leg to interpret it whenever it must be applied.
    Disclaimer: As you are accountable under the law and failure to act in compliance with it may cost you your life, liberty and/or property, do NOT attempt to act, live or exist, nor to refrain from acting, living or existing under the law without the advice of a licensed attorney.
  6. Officers Of The Law//Police
    I dont like tha fuckin laws
  7. A shortened exclamation of Lord, Lordy, oh Lord and good Lord.
    "Laws, that's a big cat" Rob - "You stepped in dog poop." Mom Mom Williams - "Laws"
  8. How societies define what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct.
    You, sir, have committed an act that our society disapproves of. You have broken the law and will pay, sir!
  9. Standing for "Light Anti-Armor Weapon" the L.A.W M72 disposable rocket launcher utilizes a 66mm rocket and has been used with United States military forces since 1961 and modernized versions such as the L.A.W M72A7 are now currently in service.
    "John aimed the L.A.W at the UFO and waited for it to ascend to his liking then fired sending the Reticulins inside to a fiery death."
  10. Noun - the God of Good Sex and Good Looks. Adjective - used to describe someone who is incredibly good looking and/or intelligent and/or amazing in bed. Adjective - another word for perfection.
    I wish I could be Law. I worship Law!