• US /læst/
  • UK /lɑ:st/
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  • adv. 最後; 最近地;最後地;
  • det. 最後的人(或物);
  • v. 維持;保持;
  • adj. 最近的;最後的; 上一個;
  • Being the most important guest, he was the last one to speak
  • We arrived last
  • I’m the last in the queue
  • His wealth and fortune could last a lifetime
  • The last time we went on holiday was on New Year's Day
  • The last President ruined the economy
  1. anything behind first place.
    if you ain't first, you're last!
  2. (adj) representing the worst of something. horrible, repulsive, disgusting, annoying, bad idea, indication that if the world was ending in an hour this is the "last" of that item that you would want to be dealing with. Can also be used as an expression of disgust or hatred. (noun) the worst, lamest, epitome of a chauncey. Abbreviation: Lau
    Dude, that chick is soo last. Last! I don't want to go see "In Her Shoes" again Brendan. Bros, you know that chauncey Johnny Four Fingers? He's the last. Lau!