• US /kaɪnd/
  • UK /kaɪnd/
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  • adj. 類;
  • n. 種類 ; 種 ;
  • The kind teacher patiently showed the pupil how to hold the pencil
  • We need one more kind of cake. How about chocolate?
  1. 1. To be nice 2. Home grown or very good marijuana 3. A person who likes to get high and typically has very good marijuana.
    (2)I'm so tired of this schwag. I wish I had some kind. (3)She is kind.
  2. otherwise known as KB, it has a highly concentrated amount of THC. Much more than commercial.
    KB gets you a lot higher than the shwag weed
  3. High level THC [weed]. Very potent!
    Can't mix the kind with the schwag!