• US /ɪt/
  • UK /ɪt/
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  • pron. 它(無生命); 牠(雌、雄通用); 它(代稱已提及的事物); 它(作為主詞); 這;
  • It is fine today
  • I love my cat, it is so cute
  • I lost my book. Did you see it?
  • After we got in the car, it wouldn’t start
  • It isn’t easy to be nice to everyone
  1. The word the Knights of Ni cannot hear or say.
  2. A murderous clown that kills little kids.Based on Stephen King's popular novel
  3. The word kids use when they're talking about sex.
    Hey Jonny, have you ever wondered what having uuh.. "it" is like? Ya! I wonder if "it" hurts...
  4. Short for "information technology". Synonymous with MIS or CIS, which is "management/computer information systems." Term used to loosely describe computers and the management of information. IT professionals are often looked down upon as non-social beings who fix computers all day. IT, in reality, is anything related to using technology to store and analyze information.
    "The IT department is full of computer geeks."
  5. Whatever 'it' is, you can find it on [eBay].
    I need a man to dress up like Larry Bird and dig me a hole. Where can I find it? TRY EBAY!
  6. What you need to think about.
    Think about "it"...
  7. A person who you cant tell is a man or woman. A person who is ashamed of whats in their pants and refuses to show it. A person whos sexuality is inconspicious.
    Sal vitale wouldnt take off his pants in front of a woman. We know every guy will whip it right out with no hesitation. He must be an 'IT'. Lmao, too funny. I wonder whats really in his pants.
  8. The universal/lazy refrence to anything that doesn't deserve to be called by its official name.
    I'm not talking to It. I'll never be a part of It. It's so creepy the stuffed animals in his room shivel up and hide when he walks in. I want to hit It.
  9. Abbreviation for the Institute of Technology, specifically at the University of Minnesota. Members of this group use codes like 1337 (leet) and 31337 (elite) to convey emotion. They should be avoided, as they are usually extemely nerdy. Exceptions include those of the Honors IT group, who are lead by Bob Peppin (God) and are not [douchebag]s like those pricks in Carlson School of Management.
    "My computer broke, so I got one of the IT guys to fix it" -or- "At least people drink in Honors IT" -or- "Honors IT; less asians than regular IT"
  10. The superlative in a class of objects. A non-profane, usually last second alternative to [the shit] when you are compelled to censor oneself in polite company.
    When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, he knew that, as far as prophets go, he was it.