• US /ˈɪnəˌvetɪv/
  • UK /'ɪnəveɪtɪv/
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  • adj. 革新的 ; 創新的;
  • The computer game has an innovative story

<現實裡的童話世界˙布拉格[捷克]Prague, Czech Republic>

<現實裡的童話世界˙布拉格[捷克]Prague, Czech Republic> Image 04:09
  1. prague is a dynamic, thriving european capital, considered to be among the most innovative

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  1. A word that was once used to be used to describe things that are new, and different. Now it's just [marketing] term that is used to describe pretty much everything, regardless of whether or not it deserves to be called innovative.
    Gee, I didn't know that can openers are innovative.
  2. something different and had haven't done before in a particular group
    1st frnd:> hey dude , wats up now 2nd frnd:> i m gonna to do something innovative