To deal with these troubles, SyncML Initiative issued SyncML Data Synchronization Specification.
為了解決數據同步領域中存在的這些問題,數據同步論壇組織—SyncML 發起組(SyncML Initiative)根據通用數據同步協議的要求,制定了SyncML 數據同步規範。

Design the Women's Health Initiative clinical trial and observational study. The Women's Health Initiative Study Group.

A character's Initiative helps him a high standing in the Initiative roster.

Confucius at least expressed a high degree of initiative ancient Chinese initiative, namely, precocious wisdom.

A wed web page is being developed for information on the community initiative Community College Initiative.

謝霆鋒香港科技大學講座(Nicholas Tse gives a talk at HKUST)

謝霆鋒香港科技大學講座(Nicholas Tse gives a talk at HKUST) Image 01:23:31
  1. we have taken the initiative to talk to the producer and director and say

  2. to take the initiative to actually

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Malala's UN speech

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西班牙巴塞隆納:聖家堂之美 ( Sagrada Familia, Barcelona )

西班牙巴塞隆納:聖家堂之美 ( Sagrada Familia, Barcelona ) Image 14:17
  1. and the catalonian region. the initiative to build a new grand church

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  1. Having the intelligence to act without the instruction of others.
    Fuck it, I'm going. I'm taking initiative.
  2. (n) Responding to peer pressure before your peers are there to pressure you.
    The chalupa had been in the fridge for several days; Mike took initiative and ate it for lunch.