IPA [ɪn] KK [ɪn]
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Each group has 10 models made in IPS-Empress and 10 made in Inceram Alumina.
每組20個,IPS-Empress和In-ceram Alumina各10個,在微機上建立天然牙的三維有限元模型。

Each group has 10 models made in IPS-Empress and 10 made in In-ceram Alumina.

In SNA, deprecated term for only-in-chain (OIC).

In this paper, we present two security problems: session hijacking and Man-in-the-middle attack.
在本文中,我們給出了關於IEEE802.1X標準在IEEE802.11應用過程中產生的兩個安全問題:接管會話(Session hijacking)和MIN(Man-in-the-middle)攻擊。

HSN tended to be more sensitive in detecting vestibular asymmetry than IN and head thrust sign.

  1. to achieve success with a woman/man friend "in" refers to getting into her/his pants to perform the sexual arts
    Shes fine,i gotta get my in's dayam, i wanna get in there
  2. relating to persons, places, and things that are declared fashonable and acceptable at the time. synonyms: hip, fab, current[currently cool], cool, rad, new, happening, etc. antonyms: out, lame, old [old-school], "not cool," ugly [not happening], dumb.
    1.If Ghandi was alive he'd think a minimalistic garment from a fashion store would be "in." 2. Apparently, Jesus is saying that long hair is "in" right now.
  3. To post in a thread before it is locked by a forum moderator. Usually in resposne to a post of a questionable nature.
    Intarnet d00d1 - <picture of pr0n> Intarnet d00d2 - IN *Intarnet m0d locks thread*
  4. 1. To be confirmed 2. To know something that not everybody knows.
    1. It's in. Meet me at three. 2 "You're in on this now. Don't tell anyone"
  5. The Inner Nigger in of all of us. ALso, IN.
    Dustin, Your IN is strong today.