IPA [ɪm'peɪl] KK [ɪmˋpel]




I say my arrow will impale your brain, now it comes.
我說過我的箭會刺穿你的腦袋, 現在它來了.

Impale - This will cause the target to bleed and suffer damage over time.
穿刺 - 讓目標流血不止並持續一段時間的傷害.

Impale ( Arms ) moved to Tier 3, no longer requires Deep Wounds.
天賦穿刺 ( 武器 ) 移動到第三行, 不需要重傷作為前置天賦.

Singing among the savage branches, it impale itself upon the longest, sharpest spine.

I poisoned him, but I did not impale him on a spear!
我毒死了他, 但是我沒有把他插在長矛上!

你們上榜了嗎?關於情侶吵過的大小事 (Weird Things All Couples Fight About)

你們上榜了嗎?關於情侶吵過的大小事 (Weird Things All Couples Fight About) Image 02:53
  1. because when they're sticking up like that, if someone trips and falls, they're going to impale themselves and die.

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  1. To drive a long, sharp object, like a harpoon or a spear, through someone's body so that they are attached to it. Often fatal. Attach the instrument to a wall for further amusement.
    "I impaled him with my magnificent weapon. You heard me..."
  2. to insert (or have inserted) a very large dick inside of a female
    I impaled my girl so good she can't walk today.