• US /hɛd/
  • UK /hed/
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  • v. 球; 在...前部; 前往; 帶領; 帶領;
  • n. 頭數; 智力; 領導; 頭腦; 硬幣; 頭; 頂部;
  • The player can easily head the ball into the net
  • Don’t worry, I’ll head the list of best golfers in town again soon
  • After school the football players head to the field for practice
  • Would you head the committee, Joe?
  • I head the division of computer safety, it is a big responsibility
  • How many head of cattle are in that field?
  • He has a natural head for high places. Me? I hate heights
  • The head of the department will approve your application
  • The problem was too complex to get my head around
  • The head of the coin has the king's face, the tail has the national flag
  • Put your hat on your head, the sun is too strong
  • The head of this river is high in the mountains

【TED】多恩.蘭地斯: 獻曲給一位划船勇闖颶風的女英雄 (Dawn Landes: A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane)

【TED】多恩.蘭地斯: 獻曲給一位划船勇闖颶風的女英雄 (Dawn Landes: A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane) Image 09:27
  1. tori murden mcclure left nags head, north carolina for france.

    托莉.姆爾登.麥克克盧爾 (Tori Murden McClure) 離開北卡羅萊納的馬頭城,前往法國。
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安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. what's the fuel that takes an idea from being in your head, where you, intellectually, know

    那是什麼發生一個想法從作為燃料 在你的頭上,你,理智,知道
  2. a week after you're out of that damn place? you're still singing this thing in your head,

    一個星期你在外面那個該死的地方後? 你還在唱這件事在你的頭上,
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J.Fla歌曲 (A Great Big World - Say Something ( cover by J.Fla ))

J.Fla歌曲 (A Great Big World - Say Something ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 03:49
  1. it was over my head

    It was over my head 是如此無能
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  1. When a girl wants to pleasure you by licking, sucking your penis. Often times, teens dont know how to do this, so they practice a lot. They often times forget to be moving her hand up and down on the part of the penis her mouth cant reach, which will help the ejactulation process. Some girls enjoy, some dont, luckily, my girl doesnt mind it at all. Advice to all guys: while getting head, make sure to stay very "focused" and into it, and think about how fucking awesome it is while its happening, and just how good it feels, it will make it even better, and during the orgasm, enjoy! It is the best, but, you might not feel the best right after, like, you will feel a little "unhorny", but thats normal. Make sure to love your girl, because she definately cares enough to do this to you. My advice: go down on her too, if she wants it.
    Holy shit man, I got head last night, and I am reliving it over and over.
  2. 1. Slang term used for a blowjob. 2. An ugly hideous person. 3. Also see: [mole]
    1. "That girl gives good head." 2. "That bitch is a head." "Whatta head."
  3. 1- upper-most part of the human body that controls all bodily functions and contains the brain, at least in some specimens. 2- the process of sucking/licking either the male or the female genitalia until ejaculation/orgasm occurs. 3- term used to refer to the foam on top of beer that nobody really wants.
    Martha really doesnt have her head on her shoulders. Little Johnny made his girlfriend orgasm 5 times. That night she reciprocated by giving him head as well. Damn, what's up with all the head. You gotta learn how to pour dawg.
  4. Oral sex. Gender neutral.
    She gave great head.
  5. You begin at the top with a gental kiss as your hands fallow down the shaft. Then You trace your tongue downward and in a circular path being sure to not neglect any side then gently licking the balls. Then placeing the penis into the mouth while the hands continue to stimulate the base. The mouth slowly allows the penis to goin futher and further into the mouth, being sure to inhale deep as not to gag. this continues until the man ejaculates.
    How would you like that head?
  6. 1. The act of [oral sex], by or to either gender. 2. The tip of the penis, scientifically known as the glans. 3. A drug addict. Can be used in general, or in regard to a specific drug. 4. The part of the body from the neck up.
    1. "Giving head is both similar and completely different from sucking or licking a lollipop." 2. "When going down on a guy, lick around the head and you'll be done in no time." 3. "Jeez, you're such a pothead." "A group of heads, obviously high on something or other, were giggling their asses off." 4. "Your brain should be in your head, otherwise you're in trouble."
  7. The top most segment of the body of a human, also found in other mammals. This stores the brain and eyes and the face in general. Note: this is also the end of a penis, this also stores all thinking capacity for men.
    Hey just take your head out of your pants Jim. No not that one! Damnit!
  8. Refered to by the Marine Corps./Navy as the [bathroom].
    I need to go to the head to pinch one off, Staff Sergent.
  9. people; niggas; crackas, general term for a group of people
    heads were over at ja's house for a party
  10. 1. (noun) Term originating during the late 1960s for members of drug subculture. Can refer to any sort of user, but was originally most associated with the use of psychotropic substances like mescaline, LSD and DMT. 2. (interjection) Backstage jargon: When something is accidentally dropped from the lighting grid/fly loft, a shout of "HEADS!" alerts crew working below. Like shouting "fore" in golf--except with a 30 lb. spotlight instead of a 6 oz. golfball.
    1. Stoner 1: Hey, do you think the that old guy who sells bootleg CDs down at the flea market could hook us up? Stoner 2: Oh yeah, he's a total old-school head! 2. HEADS! *loud crash*