• US /her/
  • UK /heə(r)/
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  • n. 毛 ; 一根根的頭髮 ; 毛狀物 ; 毛狀絲線 ; 細彈簧 ; 游絲的人 ; 觀察員 ; 頭髮 ; 發 ; 毫 ; 髟; 頭髮;
  • Remember to brush your hair before you go out
  • You won the twenty-mile race by a hair

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. i was working for jim rohn, the speaker, and i was 17 years old. i had long hair; minestrone

    我正在為吉姆羅恩,揚聲器,以及 我才17歲。我長頭髮;通心粉
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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. local legend goes that women used to come to this cave to wash their faces and hair.

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神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village)

神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village) Image 18:35
  1. you can see my hair is all full of salt water already within a few minutes.

    你可以看到我的頭髮都充滿了鹹水 已經在幾分鐘之內。
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同理心的力量 (The power of empathy: Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury)

同理心的力量 (The power of empathy: Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury) Image 17:03
  1. such as just flicking her hair, or looking down in a way,

    比如撫弄她的頭髮, 或者一直盯著地上某一點看,
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從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN

從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN Image 02:19
  1. spider webs, 1/10th the size of a piece of hair are able to catch insects flying upwards of 15 miles an hour.

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信不信由你,洗髮乳、化妝品真的有「毒」? The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

信不信由你,洗髮乳、化妝品真的有「毒」? The Story of Cosmetics (2010) Image 08:18
  1. says it gives my dull hair "the ultimate cool shine."

  2. i was wondering that, while i was lathering it into my hair one day,

    當我有一天把它塗抹在頭髮上時 我突然有這樣的疑問
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  1. Stuff that grows on people's balls, heads, arms, legs, and stuff that grows on cats, dogs, your anus, and so on.
    There sure is alot of hair on my balls!
  2. the one place even the filthiest pornstars/hookers won't let you cum on
    Ned: where do you want it? Maude: anywhere but in my hair.
  3. A growing substance found mostly on the head. Hair is largely amino acid based and can come in a veriety of colours e.g. brown, ginger, black or blonde.
    Tomorrow I will comb my hair
  4. stuff always in the way on your head and other not so polite places.
    She has a head full of hair
  5. 1. The stuff on your head. It can come in any number of colors. Natural (Blonde, Brunette, Red, Brown, etc.) or not (Pink, Blue, Spotted, Polka-Dotted). You have to look this up? 2. A Play turned movie. The movie came out in the late '70s (79, I believe). It is mainly about a group of Hippies who meet a guy going to war in a couple of days. They see this girl on a horse and the soldier (Claude Bukowski) falls in love with her. It's a Musical taking place in New York and eventually Nevada. The songs are great (Aquarius, Sodomy, Hair, etc.), the characters are awesome (Bereger, Woof, Claude, etc.) and the dancing is cool(put together by Twyla Tharp). This is a great movie (I'm aware that's an opinion) and you should see it sometime.
    1: "Oooh I love you're hair." 2: "Did you see the movie Hair?" "No" "Why not?" "Why would I watch something about hair?" "Dude, you're missing the whole point of the movie. Go watch it!!"
  6. One of the oddest things in the universe. Hair determines your personality. If your hair is brown, you are normal. If your hair is blonde, you are an idiot. If your hair is orange / red, you are an alien and deserve to die. [/sarcasm] Also, some people (Usually females) believe it is necessary to spend literally hours on their hair. Hair grows everywhere on the human body except the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, and lips.
    Hair is basically dead skin. Though it should look nice, there is no point in spending half your day fixing it when it will just fall apart when you go to bed. Hair color is just a color. It does not determine how smart you are.
  7. umm ... its like fur, only worse
    hey, nice fur man
  8. A separate creature that happens to live on your head, hard to tame. Ferociously attacking it with scissors, dye or hairproducts may euthanize said beast for a short while but beware of angering it.
    Lizzie tried hot-ironing her hair to submission but oh woes, it was raining and the beast came out on top in the end anyway.
  9. A show that captures the atmosphere of the 1960's hippie generation. An American love-rock musical. A classic that is part of the [neohippie movement]scene.
    Have you seen Hair?
  10. A one word sentence, usually used to be stupid. Must be used very loudly and obnoxiously to annoy people that you want to leave you alone.
    Hey, what are you gunna do today? HAIR! What? Hair, what are you talking about? HAIR! Why do you keep screaming hair? HAIR! STOP SCREAMING HAIR, IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!! HAIR!!!