IPA [ˈgleɪʃər] KK [ˋgleʃɚ]
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A group of seals rests on floating ice front of Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Warmer conditions can send meltwater to the glacier's base, increasing lubrication and consequently glacier speed.
溫暖的條件會為冰川底部提供冰雪融水, 增加潤滑從而使冰川加速.

The glacier has scored the mountainside.

It is a rare modern monsoon marine glacier a low latitude but a high elevation.

Apparently, the formation of Mount Yulong glacier is due to its high sea level.
顯而易見, 玉龍雪山冰川的形成是緣於它的絕對海拔高度.

  1. a chunk of ice formed from snow falling and coming together over the years and moving very slowly, either descending from high mountains or moving outward from centers of accumulation.
    james: who man look that that glacier! bobi: oh nice! it must be a continental glacier cause it's moving outward from centers of accumulation james: .... the fuck?
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