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  • noun pl. 法郎;

金錢主宰 (The Money Masters International edition (Subtitles for 12 languages) Full DVD)

金錢主宰 (The Money Masters International edition (Subtitles for 12 languages) Full DVD) Image 03:29:38
  1. was said to be worth 600 million french francs 150 million more

    "連國王都買不起 只有羅斯柴爾德有此能耐"
  2. 210 million francs to seize mexico and station troops

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給新手的歐洲旅遊技巧 (Europe Travel Skills & Tips For a Beginner)

給新手的歐洲旅遊技巧 (Europe Travel Skills & Tips For a Beginner) Image 06:44
  1. and places like zurich, st. moritz and zermatt which we visited, i would probably budget a little more like 150 swiss francs per day

    有些我們去的地方像是蘇黎世、St. Moritz、St. Moritz 等等,我每天的預算大概會是多加一點些到 150 瑞士法郎,
  2. we even put our money in here, too, so there's a little slot for your passport as well as for your euros or swiss francs.

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世界上最貴的麥當勞漢堡就在 ...? (How Is McDonald's Different In Switzerland?)

世界上最貴的麥當勞漢堡就在 ...? (How Is McDonald's Different In Switzerland?) Image 04:17
  1. my order came out to 32.50 swiss francs.

    總計 32.50 瑞士法郎 (約台幣 1002 元)。
  2. at 6.50 in swiss francs, which is about $6.63 in us dollars.

    要價一份 6.50 瑞士法郎,大約是 6.63 美金 (約台幣205 元)。
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世界紅酒之鄉-波爾多 Image 09:02
  1. the merlots and cabernet francs produced here have been touched by the divine,

    這裡釀造的梅洛和卡本內弗朗紅酒 有天堂般的滋味
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  6. Western European nation, with a [rich culture] and history. Member of NATO, the EU, and [G8]. Has a GDP/[capita] of about 30,000 euros. Famous for its wines, cheese, women, xenophobes, Eiffel Tower and Napoleon. Had tense relations with Germany and Britain in the past, and is presently despised by many Americans. Ironically, France provided major assistance for the USA during the Revolutionary War, and also gave them the Statue of Liberty, one of America's most well-known symbols.
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