• US /fʊt/
  • UK /fʊt/
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  • n. 腳丫子; 英尺; 腳;
  • The foot of the statue is painted in gold
  • The clock is about one foot wide
  • I hurt my foot so I have to try not to walk on it

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa )

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa ) Image 18:56
  1. it's more fun on foot!

    It's More Fun on Foot!
  2. really? right ~ foot escalator (?)

    真的嗎? 對對~腳扶梯(?)
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【TED-Ed】原子到底有多小? (Just How Small is an Atom? - Jon Bergmann)

【TED-Ed】原子到底有多小? (Just How Small is an Atom? - Jon Bergmann) Image 05:28
  1. make a box that is one foot by one foot by one foot.

  2. to have your one-foot-box have the same density of the nucleus?

    才能讓這每邊為1英呎盒子的 密度等同於原子核呢?
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  1. n: you fucking walk on it.
    foot. yes?
  2. A part of the body that some people have unnecessary fears of. They seem to forget that they too...have feet.
    Like ew! Get your foot off of me!
  3. 12 inches
    look at a tape measure dipshit
  4. Lower extremity, used for walking. Same thing used to put in someone's ass, because he or she deserved it.
    Yesterday, I walked all the way down to my boss's store on 95th to pay him a social call. Customer; How much is this Juicy-Juice without using the WIC? Saints; I don't know Customer; don't you work here? Saints; I said, "I DON'T KNOW!!!!" Customer starts getting rude. Saints threatens the customer if she doesn't leave her alone, that she is going to get her boss. Customer continues having attitude problem. Saints; Kenna that customer is harrassing me. Kenna puts his foot up the customer's ass.
  5. An object that a bored Asian girl likes to insert into her vagina.
    Allie masturbates with her feet.
  6. The ninja enemy in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. They were led by a ninja-lord known as the infamous Shredder.
    "Holy Shnikies Donnatello, the foot are up ins"
  7. 1. Found at the bottom of the leg. Most people like to use theirs for walking, although other uses have been found. (Pl. Feet) 2. A measurement. Equal to 12 inches, and just over 30 cm 3. To pay for something.
    1. My foot will have to be amputated. Now what will I walk on? 2. He is six feet tall 3. I'll foot the bill
  8. Edward Cullen.
    A sparkly faggot who looks like a foot.
  9. Most commonly known as a name for you body part, but can also replace any curse word, or the word "what."
    What: Doctor- im sorry sir, but your rectom is not functioning. Sir- oh, ok...wait....[FOOT]?! Curse Words: Guy 1- hey, you son of a [foot]! Guy 2- dude, what the [foot] was that for? Guy 1- oh, sorry my [foot]ing [foot]hole dad [foot]ing kicked me out of the [foot]ing house! Guy 2- wow, that [foot]ing sucks! Acronym- WTF= What the [Foot]
  10. A tool used to find legos in the dark
    Tim: I can't find my logos Tam: Use your foot