• US /ful/
  • UK /fu:l/
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  • n. 傻瓜; 傻子;
  • v. 欺騙;
  • The fool tried to steal a car from a police station
  • The queen's fool came out to entertain the guests with jokes and tricks
  • The teacher will fool the class into thinking they have a surprise test

出神入化 (Now You See Me) 預告片 Trailer

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【TED】Dan Gilbert:我們為什麼會快樂?(The surprising science of happiness)

【TED】Dan Gilbert:我們為什麼會快樂?(The surprising science of happiness) Image 21:20
  1. only a fool or a liar would say that they look the same!"

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花木蘭 - I Will Make A Man Out of You

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【TED】桑妮,布朗:我們一起來塗鴉! (Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!)

【TED】桑妮,布朗:我們一起來塗鴉! (Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!) Image 05:51
  1. in the 17th century, a doodle was a simpleton or a fool --

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  1. 1. A court jester 2. A clumsy or stupid person who is pitied by Mr.T
    1. Bring me my fool, i am in need of entertainment. 2. Ah pity the fool who tries to mess with T.
  2. Name for a person,any type of person.Can be used in anger or friendship.
    Anger:"Stupid fool." Friendship"Yo fool!"
  3. someone who thinks they are correct, but are actually incorrect. Usually an ass.
    Ryan Stone is a fool.
  4. A term for friend or buddy which is mostly used by non white ethnicities
    Hey fool you wanna play some basketball?
  5. a slighly mean term for a friend
    Whatever fool, I'll do it myself
  6. See [Bush] The president part of that. The president as of right now.
    I couldnt resist putting that.
  7. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, and understanding.
    Uzair is a Fool.
  8. Is regularly pitied by certain [African-American] actors with single-letter names.
    I (insert letter here) pity the fool...
  9. Someone who is doing something wrong or is acting crazy.
    Harry said to Manav, " You fool, I am amazing at track. eek!"
  10. Someone who is gonna be on the receiving end of a size 9 for doin some dumass move !
    I pity the fool who messes with my feathers !! (B.A. Baracas)