• US /'aɪz/
  • UK /'aɪz/
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  • noun pl. 眼睛;
  • v. 注視;
  • The bright light hurt my eyes
  • The baby eyes the toy with great interest
  1. If you need help figuring this out you need help.
    "I'm extremely bored, so i'll go on the internet and look up the word eye"
  2. eyes (n.) - Traditionally defined as a feature on a living creatures body that allows it to see, this simple area of the body is considered by some to be the most beautiful and mystifying physical feature of another person (especially the eyes of a woman). Unlike the [breasts], [legs], or [gluteus maximus] (which are often associated with physical beauty in women) the eyes hold value outside of the realm of sexuality. (Some would even argue that, for this reason alone, the admiration of a woman's eyes is more respectable and pure than being physically attracted toward some element of her sex.) Some men find the most dazzling feature of a woman to be her eyes, leaving everything else as all but completely irrelevant. Looking into a womans eyes, one can sometimes peer into her soul.
    Youre the most beautiful woman Ive ever met, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you so I can wake up to look into your eyes, every day, for the rest of my life.”
  3. why look this up, if you dont have them you cant read this and probably have already had it explained to you that a certain item in/on your body is either missing or not working...good day to you
    My eye hurts
  4. The window to the soul.
    as i peered into her eye i saw so much more.
  5. n. The part of your [face] in which you see things out of. Below your [eyebrows] and above your [nose]. Your eye consists of [eyelashes] and may be any colour under the rainbow if you use [contact lenses], which are like [glasses] only you don't wear dorky looking thingies on your face.
    My eyes are pretty because they are green.
  6. contact lenses
    - I can't read it, I haven't got my eyes in - Come to bed - Ok, just let me take my eyes out
  7. The organs specifically used to view pornography.
    Jim's eyes couldn't look away from Tina's tits.
  8. What noobs use to emphasize the word "I". Since I is already capitalized in proper syntax, it will have little effect on emphasis. ... But real people just say *i*.
    Noob: why do EYE always have to do it!? Guy: ...
  9. slang for breasts
    you have beautiful... eyes
  10. Also known as Raven's Eye MAG clan or just Eye, (IPA /aɪ/), is a heinous team of experts on tactical combat and communication known for its high rate of success against Valor Company and S.V.E.R. greed and terror. Their moto is: CORVUS' OCULUS VISUM TOTUS
    Booghe: "[EYE] got my eye on you!"