KK [ɪkˋspɛrəmənt]
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n.實驗( experiment的名詞複數 );試驗;嘗試;實踐;


The mind control experiments were interwoven with radiation experiments, and research on chemical and biological weapons.

These experiment models can be used as designing experiments or classroom demo experiments.

The differences between the simulations and experiments are analyzed after the experiments.

Independent experiments are experiments that occur without relation to each other.

In research method, situated experiments were added to the critical incident method and lab experiments.
在方法上, 研究者除了使用關鍵事件調查和實驗室實驗法之外,發展了「置於情境的實驗」方法.

我們為什麼會哭? Why Do We Cry?

我們為什麼會哭? Why Do We Cry? Image 02:30
  1. some experiments have even taken photos of people crying and made copies

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