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  • noun pl. 實驗;
  • v. 進行實驗; 試驗;
  • He wrote down the results of his science experiments
  • She boldly experiments on different make up looks whenever she goes out.
  • He experiments with running before work


  1. of thinking and researching and experimenting. so its one of these "year of" experiments.

  2. jennifer pelka: i think what's so amazing about her twelve experiments is that many

    JENNIFER PELKA:我認為她的十二個實驗中最令人驚奇的是,很多
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Questions in philosophy - ethics

Questions in philosophy - ethics Image 04:07
  1. i take your point that we can't do experiments

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Chi-squared Test

Chi-squared Test Image 11:53
  1. of these experiments and so this is my wife down here. this is her hand. and what she's

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我們能預測一切嗎? (Can we Predict Everything?)

我們能預測一切嗎? (Can we Predict Everything?) Image 02:10
  1. models; maybe there were classical variables that were hidden from us and our experiments,

  2. a topic for another video, but the experiments tell us… there is no classical, everyday,

    另一個視頻的主題, 但實驗告訴我們... 有沒有經典的,每天。
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心靈傳動能力 of Real World (Real WorldTelekinesis (feat. Neil Turok))

心靈傳動能力 of  Real World (Real WorldTelekinesis (feat. Neil Turok)) Image 05:12
  1. one of the greatest discoveries of all time. faraday was convinced by his experiments that

    其中一個最偉大的發現 one of the greatest discoveries of all time.法拉第深信他的實驗 Faraday was convinced by his experiments that
  2. as countless experiments since faraday's have shown.

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  1. When two girls, usually in college, decide to engage in lesbian activity without having to admit to being lesbians.
    According to pop culture, only girls can experiment. Two girls can kiss, eat each other out, and pound each other with dildos and use the word "experimenting" as a rebuttal so they can claim that they're still straight. But if a dude touched another dude's ass, even by accident, he would be forever branded as gay, even if he buried himself in porno, got a bunch of girls pregnant, or had a threesome with Britney Spears and Christinia Aguilera.