• US /ˈɛmpti/
  • UK /'emptɪ/
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  • adj. 空的 ; 空洞的;無意義的;
  • v. 清空;
  • n. 空的容器;
  • Please put some water in my empty cup
  • She felt empty after her father passed away suddenly
  • Please empty that bucket
  • Here is another empty, throw it away

外國人學做台灣美食 (Taiwanese Food: Cooking in Foodie Heaven)

外國人學做台灣美食 (Taiwanese Food: Cooking in Foodie Heaven) Image 14:35
  1. so much possibility in an empty pot, don't you think?

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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan ) Image 09:45
  1. as always with yummy food videos, sorry in advance if you're watching on an empty stomach.

    和美味的食物視頻一樣,提前抱歉 如果你空腹看著。
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【TED-Ed】原子到底有多小? (Just How Small is an Atom? - Jon Bergmann)

【TED-Ed】原子到底有多小? (Just How Small is an Atom? - Jon Bergmann) Image 05:28
  1. surprisingly, the answer is empty space.

    相當令人驚訝地 答案是什麼都沒有
  2. that's right. empty!

    沒錯 什麼都沒有 空的
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(荷蘭)Holland vs (荷蘭)Netherlands

(荷蘭)Holland vs (荷蘭)Netherlands Image 04:00
  1. though unlike the dakotas, which are mostly empty, save for the occasional jackalope,

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直至今日:反霸凌詩篇To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

直至今日:反霸凌詩篇To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan Image 07:37
  1. as we tried to empty ourselves

  2. we are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on a highway.

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  1. A feeling of hollowness.
    I feel so empty now that he's gone.
  2. when someone has their house to themselves due to their parents being on holiday etc. usually resulting in parties, booze, drugs, clunge and the occasional 'mad cunt' who turns up just to cause trouble by 1. stealing your microwave or 2. shitting in your kettle
    wee davie has an empty this weekend, plenty of booze, burds and it'll be full of mad cunts!!
  3. slang word for cans of empty beers, left over the next morning after a long night of solid partying.
    "dude, help me get these empties in the trash before my parents get home!"
  4. The empty glass left behind on the table, usually in a bar or restaurant where fresh glasses are brought for new drinks. Usually refers to beer glasses, ([pint]) but could refer to any empty glass.
    He had been at the pub for awhile, judging by all the empties on the table.