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  • noun pl. 耳朵; 穗;
  • I noticed you covered your ears during the concert
  • Give me some ears of corn so I can see if they are good

可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!)

可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!) Image 03:31
  1. and everyone loves him 'cause his little ears go up and down

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音樂具有的科學力量 (The Scientific Power of Music)

音樂具有的科學力量 (The Scientific Power of Music) Image 01:57
  1. much like your eyes process light, your ears process waves of sound

    就像是你的眼睛處理光線一樣, 你的耳朵會處理音波,
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  1. the thing you hear wiht
    [DUDE]! dont [shout] in my ear
  2. An organ used by humans to estimate the stupidity of other humans
    N/A ears
  3. The organs that detect sound, placed somewhat symmetrically on opposite sides of the head for humans.
    You seriously don't know what an ear is. You must be joking.
  4. Cockney pronunciation of "here", as popularised by the British sitcom, [Eastenders], indicating the speaker's desire for his audience's attention. Also, the East End's (of London) favourite Spanish verb (ir - to go).
    ear, mickey, get an earful of this ear, you want to watch where you're going mate
  5. Eagerly Awaiting Response
    At the end of an email, a posting or a message you may write EAR & TIA for long: (Eagerly Awaiting Response) & (Thanks In Advance)
  6. Ears is a unit of time measurement. An ear is approximatly the time it takes to stop tripping balls due to dehydration.
    Even though it was only a few minutes it felt like an ear because I was so fucked up!
  7. A derivative of the word "here." This sound is most commonly made by individuals smoking marijuana, when passing a joint.
    ear...take a hit. ear...its your turn.
  8. A sound of general disapproval. Said when you need to quickly shut someone down.
    "Hey Bill, did you get the new nickelback cd?"-Person 1 "Ear."-Person 2