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  • v. 除以; 分攤、分配;
  • The solution divides 81 by 3 to make 17
  • The fence divides the large field in half

【TED-Ed】為什麼手指泡水會變皺?(Pruney fingers: A gripping story - Mark Changizi)

【TED-Ed】為什麼手指泡水會變皺?(Pruney fingers: A gripping story - Mark Changizi) Image 04:22
  1. in these cases, the divides, the regions between the river segments, are disconnected from one another and diverge away from one another uphill.

  2. in these cases, it's the divides that link together to form a tree, with its trunk uphill at the top of the promontory.

32693 1090 B2 中高級 有中文字幕
  1. A [divident] happens when a company [significantly] cuts its [dividend].
    Jimmy [Dimon] cut JPMorgan Chase & Co. [dividend] 87%. Now that's a [divident]!
  2. The pillow/large [blanket] [two dudes] put between eachother when having to [sleep in] the same bed ... to not be gay.
    Man before we [go to bed] we [got to] find a [divider]
  3. [area] 1/2 between 2 [nipples] on women [tits] = divider
    I had my head in the divider [smoochie] discovered a [zit] honey your growing a third [tit] !!! NO its a zit with a nipple U can chew it if U like....
  4. [Another] [name] for [vagina]
    That girl [needs] to [hide] her [divid]
  5. A song released for the second [Transformers] movie. [It follows] [the hit] release from the first Transformers movie, What I've done.
    Guy 1: Hey, have you seen the new [Transformers] [movie] with New Divide in it? Guy 2: No, but I really [liked] What I've done.
  6. When you and your romantic partner, spouse, family member, or friend share opposing, strong opinions about a specific [condiment], such as ketchup/[catsup] or mayonnaise. -As coined by Mark [Garrison] on the podcast "The Sporkful".
    Person 1: "You like [Miracle Whip]? Gross!" Person 2: "No, mayo is gross; Miracle Whip is good." Person 1: "We can't hang out anymore. I can't get over the Condimental Divide." Person 1: "I dumped my girlfriend because she put [ketchup] on her hot dog. [That's just WRONG]!" Person 2: "Another relationship destroyed by the Condimental Divide."
  7. the line that runs down your balls and continues towards your ass hole that seperates [your right] and left sack. it looks like your [nut sack] has been [sewn] together.
    she was [licking] on my continental divide and it [felt] [fantastic].