• US /ˌdɪfəˈrɛnʃəl/
  • UK /ˌdɪfəˈrenʃl/
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  • adj. 差別的 ; 特定的 ; 微分的 ; 兩路線運費差額 ; 工資差額;
  • n. 差別的 ; 特定的 ; 微分的 ; 兩路線運費差額 ; 工資差額;
  • Differential treatment of students is not allowed in schools
  • When driving, use the differential to change gears

50個常見的錯誤想法 (50 Common Misconceptions)

50個常見的錯誤想法 (50 Common Misconceptions) Image 06:11
  1. column claiming he had, einstein responded, "before i was fifteen i had mastered differential

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【TED】遊戲不只是為了好玩! (Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun)

【TED】遊戲不只是為了好玩! (Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun) Image 26:43
  1. of how a differential in power

  2. not in the work-play differential --

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【TED】蘋果橘子經濟學 (Steven Levitt: The freakonomics of McDonalds vs. drugs)

【TED】蘋果橘子經濟學 (Steven Levitt: The freakonomics of McDonalds vs. drugs) Image 22:01
  1. called a "compensating differential."

  2. compensating differential -- it's why we think garbagemen might be paid more

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  1. Noun 1704 1 a : the product of the derivative of a function of one variable by the increment of the independent variable b : a sum of products in which each product consists of a partial derivative of a given function of several variables multiplied by the corresponding increment and which contains as many products as there are independent variables in the function 2 : a difference between comparable individuals or classes <a price differential>; also : the amount of such a difference
    Adjective 1647 1 a : of, relating to, or constituting a difference : DISTINGUISHING b : making a distinction between individuals or classes c : based on or resulting from a differential d : functioning or proceeding differently or at a different rate 2 : being, relating to, or involving a differential or differentiation 3 a : relating to quantitative differences b : producing effects by reason of quantitative differences