• US /ˈdɪfrənt/
  • UK /ˈdɪfrənt/
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  • adj. 不同 ; 差 ; 異;
  • Girls and boys are often different from one another, but most often similar

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen)

【TEDx】你如何定義你自己? (How do you define yourself? Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen) Image 13:11
  1. i had absolutely no idea that i looked different.

  2. i couldn't see that i looked different from other kids.

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  1. A pseudo-polite way of saying something is unpleasantly weird or unacceptable. Chiefly used in the midwestern United States.
    "Grandma, look at my nose ring!" "That's... different."
  2. Something everybody is scared to be, for they fear they will be rejected by society if they are. Those who are different are often labeled as: weird, crazy, deficient, stupid, a loser, or just a "reject".
    Me: I despise people who just roll along with the population, instead of making their own path. People who can't develop critical thinking, therefore they go by the information that this close-minded society has sewn into them. People with a mediocre mentality, that does not allow them to look outside the box and to make their own opinions, thus shaping themselves into just another "brick on society's wall". A society that encourages order, discipline, and uniformity, instead of originality and spontaneity. A society made by them. Ironic isn't it? Be different.
  3. a person who is not afraid to be themselves, instead of following the crowd, a unique person with a great personality.
    girl 1- Michelle is cool, shes so different girl2 - yea i like her too, shes unique and real [cool] [great personality] [unique]
  4. Opposite to the phrase, "same". Used for comedic purposes or to show that you are different from the speaker and does not think you fit the statement.
    Guy 1: Man i like dicks. Guy 2: Different.
  5. Secret code word for high
    Person 1: Are u different right now? High person: So different PErson 1: are you different right now? non stoner: WHAT THE FUCK?