• US /kɚv/
  • UK /kə:v/
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  • n. (道路的)彎曲處;
  • v. 使彎曲;
  • Watch out for the sharp curve in the road while driving at night
  • I want the metal bar to curve into an oval shape

Daniel Burrus: Predicting the Future

Daniel Burrus: Predicting the Future Image 05:01
  1. it’s fully predictable on a curve.  you can just see it right there.  and can we

    它是完全可以預測的曲線。 你可以看到它就在那裡。 我們可以
  2. we can store more in that device; it’s on a similar curve to moore’s law going up

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"March 14, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'March 14, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 09:56
  1. and in ohio, investigators say an suv took a curve too fast and flipped over into a small lake,

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美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America)

美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America) Image 06:24
  1. something like this curve.

  2. and yes, republicans and democrats alike chose this curve.

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AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations

AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations Image 12:24
  1. to show up. and so they're going to die on this side of that curve. and so this would

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Bill Werde on Trends in Music

Bill Werde on Trends in Music Image 09:13
  1. and you can see with each curve you get

  2. the curve isn't as quick.

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  1. one ya self, leave, bounce, or just plain and simple telling someone to get out of your face and go somewhere.
    i'm tired of ya cats talkin junk, ya need to curve.
  2. 1. v: to (deliberately) counter, or otherwise reject an individual's direct or (more often than not) indirect sexual advances (especially when said individual assumes they will get sex or is attempting to lure/seduce you); to deny/reject an individual's expression of interest 1. n: the act of withholding or rejecting sex from an individual who has the intentions of having relations with you; the act of rejecting an individual's advances or expressions of interest if you reject someone, you in essence , "curve them"
    *3 in the morning* Joe: "mmm, ima text keisha tonight & get her to my place.... to "chill" i know she's down for whatever" *next day* friend: "bruh did u smash last night??" Joe: "nah, the b*tch curved me :/ " ----- old guy: "Hey baby girl, can i get your number so i can get to know you??" single girl: "nah, ..uh i'm..taken o__O" old guy just got curved ;D
  3. To get away from you. An expression for an individual to give you space and go else where
    Her breath stunk so I told her to curve
  4. To ignore, avoid or sidestep someone's obvious expression of interest through flirting or any means of advance.
    Person 1: "Hey baby I miss you" Person 2: "Goodnight bruh" #curve
  5. The best and the most optimum combination of them makes up a female body.
    Dear Lord, did you know that curves are among the best things you've ever created?
  6. Brought to the College of William and Mary campus per a women's basketball, Boogie. Filtrated throughout the campus by every member of the Tribe Women's Basketball team. The term "curve" has multiple meanings; 1. to avoid something or someone 2. to drop something, as in conversation 3. to dismiss someone or something said
    Example (1): Boy: Hey shawty, what yo name is? Girl: *rolls eye and keeps walkin* (Boy has just been curved) Example(2): Joe: What happened last night man? Billy: So, you know how Becky told me she was staying at Ashley's, well she told Ashley she was staying at Rebecca's and, told Rebecca she was staying with me, when she was actually staying with Stephen. Joe: You know what man, I have no idea what you're talkin about anymore, just [curve] that i even asked. Example(3): Coach: Get on the baseline!! Team: CURRRVVEEE!