單字背了又忘?試試 VoiceTube 精心研發的線上課程吧!
  1. [Chief Petty Officer] in [the United States Navy].
    [Chiefs] [kick ass], metaphorically and [literally]
  2. [Acronym] for "[Cheating] [Piece of Shit]"
    [Greg] was a CPOS, so I [dumped] [his ass].
  3. Cost per Orgasm: The amount of money [invested] in a relationship divided by the number of orgasms achieved during that relationship. Typically, the CPO is very high during the [formation] (dating) stages of the relationship. Once the relationship has formed the CPO sharply declines then [gradually] increases over time (usually during marriage) until the CPO exceeds the original formation stage.
    The first three months are great; we’[re] [going at it like rabbits]. My CPO is at an [all time low].”
  4. [Certified] [Pop Off]. An event that you would consider more enjoyable that your typical [Friday night]. You know something was a Certified Pop Off if everyone is talking about it.
    That [concert] [last night] was a CPO!
  5. [Dyslexic] way of saying [C-3PO], the [android] from Star Wars.
    3-CPO and [R2D2] are always [getting into] [trouble].