• US /kənˈstrʌkt/
  • UK /kənˈstrʌkt/
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  • v. 裝配 ; 建築 ; 鋪設 ; 作圖 ; 描繪 ; 構成 ; 設計 ; 想出 ; 構造物 ; 構成概念 ; 建造 ; 興建; 創立(學說等);構(詞);造(句);
  • n. 構想;概念;
  • How long did it take to construct your new home?
  • As an additional task we had to construct five sentences in English
  • His logical construct on that issue is a bit difficult to understand

【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel

【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel Image 07:13
  1. i'll construct my decimal one place at a time.

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The Science of Productivity

The Science of Productivity Image 03:16
  1. luckily there's a construct of the mind known as the zeigarnik effect

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【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown)

【TED】聆聽羞辱感 (Listening to shame | Brené Brown) Image 20:39
  1. and construct a home and live there.

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