IPA [ˈkloʊðɪŋ] KK [ˋkloðɪŋ]
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English ( US ) Global Clothing Net - Clothing Demand Information, Clothing Foreign Trade, Clothing Factory, Clothing Synthesis Gateway Website.
中國服裝網 - 服裝供求信息, 服裝外貿, 服裝廠家, 服裝綜合門戶網站中國.

Manufacturing sales: clothing, clothing textiles; Sales: plastic products, racks, crinoline , clothing.
製造銷售: 服裝 、 服裝輔料; 銷售: 塑料製品 、 衣架 、 襯布 、 墊肩.

Manufacturing sales: clothing shoes and hats, hair knitwear, feather products, leather leather clothing.
製造銷售: 服裝鞋帽 、 毛針織品 、 羽絨製品 、 革皮服裝.

City Weihong clothing woven Limited is a professional clothing, apparel goods, knitwear production of foreign - funded enterprises.
石獅市偉宏服裝織造有限公司是一家專業從事服裝 、 服飾品 、 針織品生產的外資企業.

Aesthetic quality is necessary to a clothing designer. It permeates the whole course of clothing design.
審美素質是一個服裝設計者必須具備的素質, 它貫穿于服裝設計的整個過程.

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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貞潔:界限在哪裡? Chastity: What Are the Limits?

貞潔:界限在哪裡? Chastity: What Are the Limits? Image 04:00
  1. with or without clothing.

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幽默大師喬治卡林脫口秀 - Religion is bullshit by George Carlin

幽默大師喬治卡林脫口秀  - Religion is bullshit by George Carlin Image 10:17
  1. to compare clothing.

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  1. The shit that you wear
    Bitch, put on your clothes
  2. An assortment of comfortable and sometimes trendy pieces of fabric that you wear on and/or around your body. More often than not, though, clothing is an excuse for women to drag their husbands/boyfriends away from quality time "with the guys" to instead spend hours on end at the mall looking for and trying on all sorts of clothing; mostly shoes, in a vain attempt to upstage "that slut, Janice." Other people hate wearing clothing. We usually refer to these people as nudists because they enjoy being nude. If you want to learn more about clothing, you can check out various books regarding the matter at your local library!
    "Hey, man. What are you wearing?" "Oh, this? It's called clothing." "Wow! That's fascinating!" "I know! Everybody is doing it."
  3. An unnecessary accessory that women created to make men want it more.
    I could almost imagine what sarah looks like with out Clothing on. Shame I cant actually see it.